Ille qui nos omnes servabit

Ille qui nos omnes servabit – he who will save us all. Due to this one sentence the question “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” can be put in another way – “Who lies in the shadow of the statue?” We all have our own opinion about of who this person might be but if we use some logic we might stumble over some interesting ideas? First off, either we take Illana’s statement word for word leading us to the conclusion – he has to lie in the shadow of the statue or the other way around we can sort some things out. If we’re certain Illana has chosen her words carefully someone really does lie in the shadow of the statue – this shadow might be the one we saw on the little piece of map which hang on the wall in the cabin in “The Incident: Part 2“. That very shadow pointed out to sea which lead to some different scenarios. In previous seasons we’ve been handed the knowledge that the Others build different kinds of stations throughout their existence on the island – both on-land-stations and underwater stations. Maybe they built a underwater station, like the Hydra, near the foot of the statue where the “he who will save us all” lies waiting to be resurrected. This “he” might be the real Jacob and not the fake one seen in Season 5 – obviously this is nothing else than a thought – read more about that in my posted question named “Two Jacob?” Do you really think it’s just a coinsidence that Tawaret was given the power of rebirth? This following is just an idea that came to me in this exact second – wouldn’t it be cool if Charlie was the “he“? Haha, I mean he does lie, dead for that matter, in the Hydra which also is an underwater-station. Long story short, it would most likely surprise the most of us. Now back to reality – there might be a few other posibilities of who lies in the shadow of the statue. One that so many of you have already thought of is that it might be Locke who will be resurrected in order to save the island. Now I am thruthfully too tired to continue writing, I’d better get some sleep now – tell me what you think, but don’t be too hard on me, remember – we all have a purpose.

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5 thoughts on “Ille qui nos omnes servabit

  1. This was an interesting theory Kinnander, I liked it. Just want to point out that it was the Dharma Initiative that built the stations and then the Others took over control after the Purge. However this would not invalidate your theory seeing as how Dharma has built over or near previous structures on the Island (the door in Ben’s house that led to the pool to summon the Smoke Monster, the tunnels underneath Dharmaville that the Others placed the bomb in). It wouldn’t surprise me if Dharma built another station like you suggest in order to take advantage of something the Others already had. Overall though I thought this your was a nice bit of thinking. Keep it up.

  2. Waycurious, allthough I wouldn’t be very surprised if Ben somehow played a bigger part in this whole thing I’ve got this feeling he’ll be “taken care of” once Ben and M.I.B. leaves the statue. But like you say – never count Ben out.

  3. Kinnander, I also like this theory, minus Charlie as the saviour.

    It may be a personal thing on my part, but I don’t see him as ‘saviour’ material.

    For the time being, my money goes on Locke, but you never know! The writers might pull out another big surprise on that one too that none of us are expecting.

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