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4 thoughts on “Did anyone know this?

  1. really??? thats cool!!

    but i thought that when john turned the wheel it looked completely different to the one ben turned.. just because of the frozen (ben one) and non frozen (locke) one.. i figured this was because maybe locke moved it from the other side of the wall..
    but two wheels!! hmm…need to think on this one

  2. I bet this island is originally from the future. What kind of technology would have to be present for a wheel to do this anyway? Whether or not there is one or two wheels, what it does is scary regardless

  3. As of now it seems he was on the same side of turning the wheel as ben was.
    You can tell by the two pictures on lostpedia.
    In the first one with ben there are a bunch of rocks on top of that frozen shelf thing.
    Same with locke.
    in the picture with ben the farthest bottum left corner the rock seems a little cracked.
    Same with lockes.

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