John Locke and the Cabin

Crazy stuff that goes through my head on nights I can’t sleep.

The first time we see John at the cabin is when Ben leads him there to try and pull a con job on John. But much to Ben’s dismay something does happen. We see a brief glimpse of someone sitting in the chair and John hears the voice saying “Help me.” That little glimpse is the main reason I believed Locke or Sawyer to be Jacob because when you look at the still shot it looks like one of those two the most to me. I had no idea at the time that Jacob never lived there.

The next time John visits the Cabin he enters by himself encountering Christian who tells him to move the island. Claire is also there seemingly without a care in the world. Other than John talking to someone who is supposedly dead nothing happens like the first time with the chair shaking and stuff flying around the room.

Locke also dreams a conversation with Horace as

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9 thoughts on “John Locke and the Cabin

  1. Angus, we know that while Ben and Locke were visiting ‘the cabin’, Jacob was freely moving about, and had been for some time. In all likeliehood he had been residing at the Statue for awhile.

    I don’t think he was the one, kept hostage in the cabin. I believe he likely left the cabin a very long time ago.

    It could very well have been Jacob’s friend being held captive, and he escaped the circle of ash and the cabin, but it would also appear that he was freely moving about plotting to kill Jacob! So, that is not exactly a sure bet either.

    That does leave Locke as a possibility. Whoever it is, he doesn’t like technology anymore than Jacob does! That does sound like Locke.

  2. I don’t know how you got that I thought Jacob was at the cabin Dabs. Of course, after the Conversation, we all know now he wasn’t there. Up until that point we were all led to believe jacob was in the cabin. But someone or something was (besides Christian and Claire) and I think it will be clarified by the writers at some point. Alot of people on here, including you (I think? I could be wrong), are presuming the real Locke will be back somehow. I was just proposing one way it could happen. Which is pretty good for me because I’ve never liked Locke and would not be broken up if he really is dead.

  3. Angus, I was actually agreeing with your theory, and backing it up with some logic, as to why it could be him.

    Sorry, if I confused the issue, as it was not my intent, but I actually agree that you might be right about this.

  4. What if the MiB was the spirit or whatever he is trapped inside the cabin and he was the voice John heard saying “help me”? Maybe John Locke came back later without Ben and freed the MiB, and maybe the MiB then coerced Locke to do his will.

  5. I for one really hope that John Locke is not dead. HE did get “touched” by Jacob after all…we don’t really know what that means yet, but I just don’t understand how we could have even ONE season of Lost without Locke. To me, he makes the show.

  6. He did get touched by Jacob, but he has been repeatedly manipulated by MiB or whoever the fakeLocke is. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was never John but the fakeLocke most of the time.

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