changing things

i dont think they changed anything, jack kate and the rest of them. if you watch the episode 8 or 9 in season 2 about the missing piece of the film you heard the dharma leader dude (the asian man) talk about “the incident”. any thoughts on this.

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5 thoughts on “changing things

  1. Johnqsack I believe that what we saw in the finale is not the same incedent that was talked about in the orientaion film for the Swan. My current thinking is that the bomb does have an effect but not enough to stop the building of the Swan and implementation of the 108 protocol. The bomb will most likely interact with the E/M pocket in a way that throughs the Losties back to 2007. I did two theories that you may be interested in checking out; they’re called “Schrodinger’s Island” and “The Incedent, the Cerberus System, and Cerberus.” They explain my thoughts on this in a little more detail.

  2. I don’t think they changed anything. I think the bomb never goes off and the incident takes care of the bomb. I think the white flash at the end is the incident.

    I know some people think the bomb may have caused the destruction of the statue, but, i don’t think this happened either.

    Mostly because of this: We know Radzinski ends up in the hatch. We know he was at the incident (although quickly fleeing). He survives to end up in the hatch and blow his brains out.

    So, if the bomb went off and that’s what caused the statue to be destroyed then i find it hard to believe radzinksi got far enough away to survive.

    So what I’m left thinking is who else survived the incident.

    ps. please dont be kate and jack. lol.

  3. You wont get rid of them that easily!!

    I just cant get on board with this idea that the losties get transported back to 2007 (or to the time of the purge for that matter). Achalli i agree that is not the incident talked about in the Dharma vids, i believe that it is the same situation as when Desmond turned the key in the season 2 finale. The nuclear device somehow nulifies the electro magnetism.

    if this was to be true then we must assume, like after the season 2 incident, that everyone survives. If Desmond, locke and co didnt time travel then why should the losties this time?

  4. i believe it is the incident previously mentioned as i believe i read somewhere the producers mentioning that there are no alternate realities in lost. Also, if they change the past, season five becomes kinda void and also the themes of destiny that have been at the forefront for so long wont make any sense

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