claire, aaron and the psychic, what do you think??

hello again everyone. sorry if this has been disscussed before. ive been visiting this site for a few months now and i havnt seen this come up anywhere recently. so just thought i would throw it in again.
something that has always puzzled me in lost is claires psychic? when claire visited him he said that that aaron must only be raised by claire and nobody else. he said that evil surrounds him and that he needs her goodness. he seemed really genuine? at a later date he told claire that he had a plan, he had found a couple who would adopt him for money. that she must fly to meet them on 815, no other flight. why did he suddenly change his mind? did he no that 815 would take her and her unborn son to the island? could he have been working for something or someone that needed claire to go to the island for purposes that are unknown to us viewers yet?
we see claires psychic again when eko visits him because of his daughter coming back from the dead. he tells eko that he makes his living as a psychic and that he is fake. is he really a fake though as he seemed pretty convincing to me? or could he have gained his knowledge for where claire and her unborn son needed to be from another greater source?
im posting this because i really cant decide? what do you guys think?

while im on the subject of claire and aaron. ive been thinking lately that what if claires the important one, not aaron??
claires pregnancy (to give the baby to the adoptive parents) could have been the only
way/reason to get her onto 815. so we, the viewers have been concentrating all of our thoughts and theories on aaron. then of course it was the whole fertility problem and claire getting kidnapped for aaron. which again lead us to concentrate on aaron?
what if though its all really about claire? im throwing this question out there because ive always found it really interesting that claire is christians daughter.christian has always been an interesting one aswell, hes been in lost from the very begining, has met a lot of our losties before he died.he is dead but is alive and has shown himself to various people on the island. he is also jacks father, he was in australia to see claire which is where he died and is the reason why jack was on 815.
anyway, sorry lets get back to claire. shes been in lost from the very begining but hasnt been a major player really, its just aaron why she keeps coming up in storeylines. when im thinking about her i think its really strange how christian appeared to her and she went off with him in the middle of the night, leaving aaron, her baby son?
if aaron is so important, why did christian leave him and just take claire? ive read some good theories about aaron possibly being jacob? if this is right maybe christian left him because he new that our losties would take him with them, off the island and he would be gone? but what i dont understand is if aaron is so important would the island and/or its powers/forces really let him go? the last time we saw claire she was in the cabin with christian and she wasnt her self, it was like she was brainwashed or something? going back to pre island, claire never really knew her father and didnt seem to like him much? so again why go off with him? this has lead me to belive that there could be a very important purpose to why christian took her, the reason i dont no? i was thinking that she could possibly be used againt her brother jack or something somehow? and i did think before that she may be dead, but now im not so sure?
thanks for reading everyone, any thoughts on this? eko rocks

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8 thoughts on “claire, aaron and the psychic, what do you think??

  1. Clare. Maybe she’s dead and the ‘resurrected’ wife/daughter of whoever is inhabiting ‘Christian’ (Jacob?) aka that fertility goddess underwhom Jacob lives (pines?)

    Psycho, ‘er I mean psychic was probably a ‘fake’ who was frightened by seeing something real with Clare 1st time and manipulated the 2nd to get her on the plane (maybe using ‘they’ll be together that way’).

    If any of your theory is true, if Aaron reappears, he’ll be evil-ish by not being raised by good-nature.

  2. im really not sure where claire is or what happened to her. Im also not sure about the psychic. For a while i did wonder if Whidmore put him up to it somehow because we know whidmore has a painting that claire’s boyfriend made, so i was thinking whidmore bribed him to leave claire. then maybe be bribed claires friend to bring her to the psychic and then again bribed the psychic to get claire on 815. really not sure about it.

    One thing i thought was interesting that i have not seen anyone mention is the scene where Kate loses Aaron at the store. the woman is clearly not the claire we know, but geeze, add 30 years and that really could be claire, which i still think it was.

    maybe claire went back in time with the others. then found a way off the island. Then went to visit her son. Who knows. wish season 6 was not so far away.

  3. eko rocks, I used to be of the opinion that it was Charles Widmore who bribed Thomas and got him to leave Claire, and had her set-up with the psychic. And, that makes good sense.

    Since the finale however, I am wondering if the sudden revival of Charlotte Malkin from the brink of death, might have been helped along by Jacob!

    In return, for saving her, Mr. Malkin was asked by Jacob to get Claire on flight #815.

    I always felt that Aaron would play a significant role. Perhaps that role, is in the future.

  4. Man, you raise some great questions. I wish I knew the answers! I think that the psychic was as surprised by his genuine vision of Claire’s future as he was– I suspect Jacob played a role in this. Perhaps Aaron’s being left by Claire is yet another timeline deviation that needs to be “course corrected”.

    I suspect that if Season 5 does indeed start with a timeline that has been reset, Aaron must stay with Claire. If he is taken from her again, or she gives him away, he will be a weapon for the dark side (to put it plainly). However, the possibilities are endless. Maybe Aaron will end up being raised happily on the island by Charlie and Claire, or maybe she will give him to the family in LA. I for one can’t wait to see the Claire/Aaron/psychic mystery resolved. It’s one of the originals!

  5. thanks very much for all your comments guys.the claire/aaron/psychic storey is the one that got me hooked on the show to be honest. yeah i liked lost, then when the psychic/kidnapping of claire happend, i was like wow, what the ???? is going on here?haha. then of corse came the numbers and everything else. i must say though, this website is ace. you always get great responses to your posts. cheers again guys, and i would love to read somemore?haha. thanks everyone. eko rocks

  6. I’d also like to add that Claire’s complete absence from Season 5 leads me to believe that her story either is over or it’s going to erupt in a very big way in Season 6. Hopefully a lot of those “original” questions– the numbers, the sickness, the monster, special powers, aaron, etc. will finally be solved.

    I also think that Claire, if anything, is evidence of the new timeline theory. The blithe “killing off” of characters like Locke and Claire without much brouhaha leads me to believe that they are coming back….and that much of what has happened is going to be “rewritten: anyway. If that makes sense.

  7. I was always intrugued by the Claire story. It was pretty cool when she was trying to sign away Aaron none of the pens would work.

    That whole family seems to be central to the big picture. So I expect to see Claire again in season six. I’ve never thought she was dead.

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