When and where did we see Claire last before we saw her in Jacob’s cabin with Locke?

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  1. hi there lakers2693. i belive we last saw claire in the jungle with miles, sawyer and aaron. she woke in the middle of the night to see her father christian. we didnt see what happened between them? just that she was very surprised to see him. when miles and sawyer woke they found aaron on his own, and claire was gone?? then of corse she was last seen in the cabin with christian by locke, acting very strange indeed?? it was season 5 when she went missing in action, and hasnt been seen since? very very weird isnt it? hope that helped you out? eko rocks

  2. eko is right, that is when we last saw, just after the commandos from the boat blew up the house and killed ben’s daughter.

    But i still think it was claire in the store when kate is at the store with aaron and she loses him for a minute. that lady walking out with him.

  3. thanks guys… that would be interesting if it was Claire in the store but I wonder how she would be able to get off the island and just go wherever she wants like Jacob

  4. it wasnt claire in the store.
    the woman turns round and talks to kate, reassuring her that she thought that aaron was lost.
    however, we must remember that claire appears to kate off the island, when she materialises in aaron’s room, and warns kate not to bring aaron back to the island…

  5. reason i think she is dead………remember when Sawyer Miles and Clair just had that confrontation and Clair got hurt…….After that Sawyer asked her if she was okay and she responded yes. Then Miles chimed in “Are you sure about that” then he took a real intreast into her well because she had already died. Sawyer thought he was just hitting on her.

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