backwards speaking walt apparitions

I’m currently re-watching season 2. I had completely forgotten about the scenes where Walt appeared to Shannon speaking backwards. This is apparently a unique incident because Walt is, at the time, alive.

I don’t know if this has already been discussed, but…what is up with that? Smoky? Or something else? Is this just part of Walt’s special powers or a unique island phenomena?

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4 thoughts on “backwards speaking walt apparitions

  1. This fact certainly forces people to stop believing that all the apparitions/hallucinations are from the smoke monster and that the smoke monster needs people to be dead to take their appearance. The truth is out there.

  2. hey there mrslinus700. yes i remember the walt speaking backwards scenario, haha???? i realy have no idea what this could be? an island phenomena perhaps? possibly smokie? if i recall coorectly sayid also saw walt just before shannon got shot? you are right walt wasnt dead when shannon saw him? he also appeared to locke aswell just after ben shot him?
    another person who has apeared aswell and isnt dead (as far as we no anyway) is claire to kate. she was last seen on the island, but appeard to kate at home? im trying to think if there is anyone else? i dont think so? the other people who have appeared to people are dead?
    i wish i knew the reason for this? it is really bizare, especially the talking backwards part? my thinking is that its something to do with the special and unique powers of the island?
    i really hope that we get this question answerd in season 6? im guessing though that some of the questions we have wont be answerd as i think there is soo many. and we will have to come to our own conclusions on some of them? sometimes though i do think that the writers have thrown some things in there from time to time just to throw more questions at us so we keep watching the show? i ay be wrong? the whole of season 6 may answer all the questions we have but not directly (if you no what i mean).
    anyway, thanks for bringing this up. im loving all these blasts from the pasts. it gives us something to think about while were all waiting for season 6 and all our questions to be answerd. eko rocks

  3. Yes, Claire was the only other potentially alive one I could think of. She was speaking forwards though haha. As far as I can see it Walt’s appearance must be one of two things.

    1) A normal smoky impersonation. Walt was speaking backwards because he’s still alive and therefore Smoky couldn’t replicate him entirely (that would mean that Claire was dea.


    2) It is a special demonstration of Walt’s powers, he’s appearing to people who had an impact on him on the island (Shannon, who he left Vincent with; and Locke, with whom he had a very interesting and special relationship).

    I’m trying to remember now….when Walt appeared to Locke in the pit was he speaking backwards?

  4. no, he wasnt speaking backwards, it was forwards,haha. i cant remember exactly what was said? he did tell locke to get up as he had work to do.
    i did think that claire was dead at first but now im not so sure?
    i think it could possibly be a demonstration of walts powers, he was very special and when we all seem to think walts storey is over, he comes up again and again, haha.
    i really hope we get all our questions and bizare happenings with walt answerd in season 6? eko rocks

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