Mr Ecko

Okay, I’m confused about why Mr Echo (or Ecko, however you spell it) was killed?

The monster/ Jacob’s nemesis as we’ve recently kinda learnt, had only before imitated people’s pasts. I wondered if anybody has any theories that could shed the light on why it killed Ecko and didn’t just haunt him?

The only theory I can think of is that the monster takes shape of something that he knows will affect people, and after Ecko had just had his face to face with his brother and said that he had no regrets, it realised that Ecko had beaten it? Thus killed it.

As I typed it I realised that it’s not as strong theory as I thought, but still, it’s an idea. 😀


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6 thoughts on “Mr Ecko

  1. I think the smoke monster gives eko a second chance after their first encounter. maybe.

    but i think it definately killed him because he had no regrets. he was not sorry. he didn’t learn his lesson, lol.

  2. hi mouse7989. i too was wandering this myself? and posted somthing similar a few months ago. eko could of possibly been killed because he wasnt sorry for what he had done? he had done some very bad things pre-island hadnt he? when he was in the jungle once with charlie, he came face to face with smokie, it was like it was checking him out? then it went away. could it have been assessing him for a possable target to imitate/take over ekos form?? then just before he was killed he was given the chance to be sorry for what he had done, but he wasnt? you could be right though, maybe eko did beat it becuse he didnt do what it asked and was sorry, there for he was killed because he would be no use to smokie? when you look at what happend when ben summoned smokie. ben was sorry, so smokie let him live? could it be though that eko wasnt easily manipulated and ben was, into doing what smokie had asked? we no ben is a big manipulator, but can be manipulated himself as we could clearly see at the end of season 6? i havnt really cleared this up for you have i, haha. to be honest i cant decide this? eko was my favourite character, hense my user name, haha. thanks for bringing this up again. eko rocks

  3. I believe that when the Smoke Monster first encountered Eko that it was surprised to come upon someone who wasn’t imediatly terrified by it; Eko also seemed to be challenging Smokey with that stare. I think that this encounter made the Smoke Monster to have to consider a different approach to Eko. As to why Smokey killed him I belive it was because Eko was not only unrepentent but would also not aknowledge that he had sinned and Eko had an extremely strong will.

  4. The reason the actor left the show was because he hated living in Hawaii for six months a year. However, I like to think that maybe smokie killed eko because he would have made the perfect candidate to help prove Jacob right.

  5. Personally, I believe their was only one reason for the monster to kill Eko: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (the actor who portrays Eko) asked to be leave the show after learning that his parents had passed away.

    I think the producers had more story for Eko, but were forced to cut his involvement short after Akinnuoye-Agbaje’s loss.

  6. Hmm… from other theories i’ve heard people say that Ecko was “allowed” to die because he faced up to his past and came to terms with his guilt. He truely believes that he has done no wrong, only what he had to do to survive. So i guess Ecko was tested or judged by the monster and because he was found to be righteous, he was allowed to die and leave the island…?

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