Nikki and Paulo

So we had them for two episodes altogether? And in their last one, that we’ve seen, they die yet we get part of their background.

Do you think that we’ll get them again in season 6, and that they have some significance to the story? Or do you think they were just a random filler episode and aren’t important at all?

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9 thoughts on “Nikki and Paulo

  1. hey, yeah i think nikki and paolo were just random fillers, i dont think thier storey has any real significance to the plot line of the show.
    they may make an aperarance in season 6 somehow though? all the characters who have been on the island past and present, dead or alive may make an apearence in the final series somehow, to show us the audience what a journeywe have been on?who knows? eko rocks

  2. yeah just filler i think they used them to show us other stuff that went on becaus if my memory is correct wernt they hiding in 1 of the stations when ben and juliet come in

  3. I thought someone had said that the spiders that bit them caused a coma so deep that it looked like death. With the islands healing powers they could come back to life. But I don’t think they will have any ompact on the story.

  4. i think they were just a filler. but i though it was silly that at the end of that episode, it showed nikki’s eyes opening. if that happened, she would ahve been able to get up at not be burried alive.

  5. So it was a waste of an episode and I was just being hopefuly by thinking that they could come back and not be a waste 🙁

    And Mouseyboy, if you saw when Paulo was becoming paralysed, he was unable to move but was moving his eyes and watching Nikki steal the diamonds from him. So I’d say that she was just about becoming unparalysed but could only watch.

  6. Okay here is my take. it’s going to come up..Miles will be walking by that area and hear them talk to him….This will also be at a pivotal moment having something to do with good honest Hurley realizing he killed them. Probably changing his destiny in some form. Trust me I’ve been waiting for Miles to walk by that area for some time.

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