what jacob said to mib

“if it only ends once …anything that happens before that is just progress”

Jacob says this to mib in the opening scene. I think it has great signifigance.

I think Jacob is trying to prove something, like a specific outcome to an experiment having to do with human behavior in a certain environment or something having to do with humanity. and i think what he means by “if it only ends once …anything that happens before

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4 thoughts on “what jacob said to mib

  1. thinkingisawesome, I agree that it would appear as though Jacob is attempting to illustrate a point about humanity. To what ends we don’t know at present.

    It would also appear that his friend is diametrically opposed to Jacob’s beliefs and conduct in this regard. So much so, that hates him and wanted to kill him.

    Their conversation illustrates IMO, how much the two are at odds with one another.

    Another interpretation of “anything that happens before that is just progress” is, “the end justifies the means”.

    I also think that the conversation between Jacob and his friend is fraught with pleasantries, masking the deeper issues that are between them.

    I mentioned before that it appears that Rose & Bernard have grasped the concept of living in peace on ‘the island’, and are accepting of their destiny. They have chosen not to be involved in any further conflicts or fighting.

    Good thoughts!

  2. i think the fact, as dabs nicely put it, that jacob is mentioning his and only his thoughts on progress, is only his side of the story, mean that it is in fact a prologue.

    i think the conversation between the two, was simply a dramatic prologue. the scene was set and the thoughts of the master were given.
    the fact jacobs friend whom is in disagreement with jacobs thoughts could be the representation oh humankind, of whom jacob is talking about.


  3. Progress towards … what?

    What if MIB’s the good guy, sickened by Jacob’s lack of consideration for the lives of the people in his little game.

    Think about what MIB says …
    “How’d they get here?” he sounds perfectly irritated in a “No, you di-int”

    “You know what happens” – to THE VISITORS (or the ‘others’ on the island) In this context, Jacob’s reply is nothing short of callous.

    So, if Jacob’s plan is NOT to disprove MIB but to progress to an end?

  4. Or … what if this isn’t the 1st time the Black Rock was out there (e.g. Jacob moved the island again and is making subtle changes to see if the same choices are made – to the same people)

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