I can fix this

has anyone noticed the frequency of these four words? I can fix this. so many characters, when they’re offering to help, to correct something they’ve done wrong or remedy something that sets them at odds with everyone else… they always say “I can fix this”… as opposed to any other variant on the term with any number of other words. jack says it a few times. locke. juliet says it. kate. charlie, even sayeed, I believe. that’s just off the top of my head.

it’s just become this obvious recurring thing… and it really ties into the cyclical theories, the broken record, the notion that they’ve all been there and done this before, keep living through the same course of events, with mild variations, again and again and again… why else would desmond in season three have spoken of saving charlie so many times, and seeing him die so many times when he failed to save him (the drowning while trying to save claire, the lightning, the slipping on the rocks into the water, the arrow to the neck, etc.)…

I’ve just been noticing that a lot, that and the prominence in the series of con men, con games and conning… which I also find terribly ironic.

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6 thoughts on “I can fix this

  1. I think you are saying a couple of things. The first is that the show has recurring themes and dialogue, which is definately true. How about “Don’t tell me what I can’t do?”. Locke isn’t the only character to utter those lines.
    Maybe you are also saying that Lost is a repeating time loop. Many will agree with you. I’m not a big fan of that in the case of Lost, but if it is true, I hope what we are watching is the last iteration of the loop.

  2. Locke too. I believe he says that a lot. this is a very interesting observation. I think that this points (as you said) the reset timeline or loop theory. That maybe, the events we have been seeing so far weren’t supposed to happen. That somehow they need to be “fixed”–by none other than our losties!

  3. hmmm? yes your right brianu. the words i can fix this have come up a lot on the show. its interesting isnt it? could possibly be thrown in there by the creators of the show as it does tie in to the cyclical theories as you have said.
    my thoughts are that it is to do with the cyclical theories, or maybe just thrown in there for us the audience to pick up on? but may not have any real relivence to the main storyline to the show? i could be wrong though? thanks for bringing this up.
    i cant wait for season 6 and all our questions to be answerd. eko rocks

  4. brianu, I definitely think there is something to what you say.

    John Locke & Jack most notably use this phrase quite often. Both men refused to be accepting of situations they could not control. It was second nature to them, to keep trying to fix the problem.

    The ‘losties’ were hand chosen by Jacob. It makes sense to me, that Jacob would select people on the basis that they would NOT give up or give in, under any circumstances, and keep trying to ‘fix’ the problems they encountered.

    Also, there are other ‘running themes’ in certain phrases used by various characters on the show, which are indicative of their unique personalities. Desmond continually repeats, “see you in another life, brutha” is one for example.

    It is repetition, and is hard to ignore as a clue to the bigger picture.

    Nice theory!

  5. How about every lead character has father issues?
    Jack and Claire and their drunkard, overbearing, neglectful father, Christian, Locke and his conman dad (who turned out to be the real Sawyer), Sawyer and his dad who committed murder-suicide, Kate and her abusive stepdad, Sun and her mobster dad, Jin and the dad he was ashamed of, Shannon and her will-omitting dad, Penny and her mass-murdering father Charles who turns out to be Daniel’s father too (Charles sent Daniel to his death in the Island), only this season, Ben and his abusive dad, Sayid and “strict” his dad, Juliet and her divorcing dad.
    Writers have father issues?

  6. Good theory :)!! Your right, I have noticed that- don’t know what it means though haha! Maybe its that they need to stop trying to fix something or just the oppisite!

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