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Alot of people seem to think that Aaron is Jacob. Does that mean that Walt is the other guy?

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12 thoughts on “Aaron Walt

  1. I am honestly not sure, lakers, if I agree with Walt being Jacob…but possibly MIB I guess if we are going to go that route on the show.

    Pushing aside my belief that Aaron may very well be Jacob, the most sense would be that these two are somewhat immortal beings that do not actually turn out to be a Lostie kiddo…although I cant get the idea of Aaron being special for so many reasons, leading him to somehow be Jacob, out of my head.

  2. Sorry, its Angus’s origianal theory that states those things, not lakers…

    Although I do agree with lakers as well, regarding the controlling/influencing.

  3. Maybe when Locke was talking to Walt about blackgammon with the whole “white and black” thing, he was actually on about Aaron and Walt facing off? I don’t agree personally, but thought I’d throw a thought in there xD

  4. We know Walt has some special powers, more than the others were able to handle. Aaron is a unknown at this point other than the family connection. If I were to pick who’s who out of the two of them I would think Aaron is Jacob as Walt seemed to have a much darker side. But we still don’t know who is the good guy and who is the bad guy.

  5. I too have wondered if there could be something to the “physically dark” characters such as Mr. Eko (who had a very interesting dynamic with smoky) and physically “light” characters like Claire (who I hate, but who is portrayed as very good, very Madonna with child). Not saying it’s important, but it’s worth considering. LIGHT VS. DARK IS TURNING INTO A MAJOR THEME OF THE SHOW.

  6. there is deffinately something about walt? i think he is a major part of the whole storey really isnt he? he could possibly be some kinda mib? who nos man? the whole walt and locke playing backgammon has always been really significant to me as that was the start of the whole black and white theme to the show. eko rocks

  7. Hi Angus, I definitely believe there is something significant about Walt. I am unsure at this time, what exactly that might be. The writers have played that one very close to the vest!

    I also feel the same way about Aaron too. So much emphasis has been placed on these two children, for them not to have some special kind of significance to the overall story.

  8. I think Walt’s dead and been an apparition to all – and Aaron’s evil ‘cuz Claire didn’t raise him, and Ji Yeon’ got major issues ‘cuz her mom didn’t give a [expletitive deleted] about her … and can’t decide if Alex was supposed to live or die (and the island just corrected itself after Ben chose).

  9. OK, Honestly…I am really not buying into the ‘Walt is MIB’ idea, of course there is a but….

    It could if true, make Walts words to John off island hold a higher signifigance.

    He said he saw a bunch of angry people standing around John…and they wanted to hurt him.
    Now…I have already said that I think the scene with the boat and Ben shooting Cesar was not the scene referenced.
    I think the scene will be the one that occurs when Ben and AntiLocke leave the foot statue.

    If he is Walt, do you know what this could mean???

    …because I do not, lol…
    but it does tie in quite well with your original theory.
    ; ]

  10. A.E.S. Great pickup. I had completely forgot about Walts’ vision. I haven’t seeen anything that resembles it yet either. So, maybe, Walt wasn’t seeing John at all.

    Waycurious I hadn’t given any thought to Ji yeon since the writers have barely said anything about him since he was born. Of course we haven’t heard much from Walt either.

  11. It’s a possibility. The reason I don’t think Aaron is Jacob is because of that dream Kate had of Claire telling her not to bring Aaron to the island in season four. But maybe that would explain why Walt was so good at backgammon.

  12. 1st post here liking some of the theories figured I’d finally jump in.

    Anyways, as far as Walt’s “dream/vision” goes, I think it’s already happened. It happens when Ilana rolls the dead Locke out of the box to show him to Richard. Maybe it’s not so much angry faces but certainly concerned faces, seeing how they just watched Locke walk in to meet Jacob and suddenly his corpse is rolled out in front of them. A lot of concerned faces indeed and perhaps an argument of sorts about what to do.

    Something that sorta explains Walt’s random appearances is that when Michael went looking for Walt and is captured and that woman is asking him questions like “Has he ever appeared somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be.” or something along those lines. Basically Walt has some powers, or some special connection with the island that either allows him to be used as a tool or vessel, by the island or some entity on it, to communicate with people. I’m certain what makes him special will either be important and thus followed up on, or he will be a sort of forgotten character. I wish I could give you more, but that’s where I stand to this point.

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