rose and bernard are not adam and eve

i know a lot of ppl on here think that rose and bernard were adam and eve and i kind of thought that, too. but i was just rewatching “house of the rising sun” when jack and kate find adam and eve. jack says that it takes 40-50 years for clothes to degrade like that. if it was rose and bernard they would’ve only been dead for 27 years (if they died in 1977) or less.

i have no theories as to who they might be….maybe somebody from the black rock

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  1. In 2004, they also said Widmore had been looking for the island for 20 years…when he was actually banished sometime after the purge, which occured in December of ’92…making it at best 11-12 years.

    They made the mistake of Ben saying Charolettes information when he first met her, stating her being born July 2, 1979…when actually she was born in 1971, hence baby Charolette being seen by Dan upon arriving in the 70s, and later when he told her to leave and never return.

    Also, I have placed a theory regarding an anagram that backs up my claim, which a producer announced was hidden in Lost.

    That said, with the idea that Rose and Bernard are living in the jungle, alone, in the 70s, willing to die so long as they are together makes it seem perfect that they are indeed Adam and Eve skeletons from S1.

    For the record, I do NOT think they die in the incident at the end of the season.

    The fact that the bones seem older to Jack could possibly be due to looking at them for only a few seconds before making his analysis, or due to the thought that if the island is time traveling, it may be possible that they could still flash to another time period before death.

  2. yeah being a doctor does not make you an expert on bone/clothing decay by any means. when i first saw that episode, i thought he didnt know what he was talking about.

  3. I think it’s Jacob and MIB. Usually when they provide a reveal to a mystery it is current to the episode that reveals it, or at least close to the introduction of the reveal. i.e, drug plane with dead priest, eko introduced and we find out who the dead priest was on where tghe drug plane came from, the “room” is introduced to us by Bea Klugh, and is revealed as to what it is when Karl is introduced to the show . With only being inntroduced to Jacob and MIB in the series finale of 5 and knowing we find out in series 6, my guess goes to these 2 charachters

  4. aching_for_perfection, I am going with AES on this one.

    I would be very surprised if Adam & Eve did not turn out to be Rose & Bernard.

    In 2004, 40 to 50 years would put the time of death between 1954-1964. This seems to be out of line with the characters and story line we know, thus far.

    As Jack is not trained in CSI techniques, (that we are aware of), I don’t know how he could be that certain about the age of the clothing without doing any in-depth analysis.

    I have also pointed out in another post, that given that Rose & Bernard appear to be the first of ‘the losties’ to accept their destiny and not want to be a part of the ongoing conflicts, that the names of Adam & Eve, seem befitting of their characters.

    Good observation!

  5. hey guys. i cant decide who i think adam and eve are? could be rose and benard for the following reasons-
    rose has been in lost from the very beggining she hasnt really been a big player in the show compared to other charactors.
    when 815 crashed and bernard wasnt with her she always belived that he was alive somewhere didnt she? and he was. they were reunited again and left all the other losties and found happiness on thier own, just the two of them.
    something ive always found interesting is the fact that all the other tailies are no longer with us, they all got killed in some way. but bernard is still with us?
    the posts above could infact be right, it doesnt make sense to us that it is them (in real time). but we all know that time on the island is different?

    then i cant help thnking it could be jacob and mib because-
    theres two bodies, and i believe these bodies have a significance to the storey of the show? jacob and mib are very significant charactors. also in the bag, our losties found black and white stones, hmmm?
    we no that mib wanted to kill jacob, and did so with imposter locke (mib). could jacob then kill mib somehow and they end up in the caves together, maybe put there by someone?
    in season 1 it was christian who lead jack to find the caves, or imposter christian (mib). could he have lead jack there to find the bodys for a reason?
    if mib really does take the form of dead people on the island, maybe that is why, because he was killed by something or someone? and his body is lying there in the caves? eko rocks

  6. But isn’t one of the skelitons female so how could it be Jacob and mib I no people will say that one of them could take on female form but I think that is a little far fetched even for lost I beleve it is defo 2 of the losties from the start most likely rose and Bernard like people are saying if you need reasurence read A.E.S post on the anagram from room 23

  7. I like it being Jacob/MIB … maybe the stones were put there by Richard – poor hack sentenced/given eternal life … eternal sole-survivorship. Wonder what his back story is …

  8. Heres the dea on this…

    I have come to accept the fact that the producers flat out lie/misdirection us to think one thing, and get us with something else….but….

    if they are not Adam and Eve, than the story for who they are better be VERY good, and better have some clue in an earlier season or they really went out and caused a ruckus for nothing.

    Also, this would make many clues and hints given about this and other things utterly worthless, and the overall ‘theory’ ideas behind Lost as a show, just as worthless and almost insulting to those who put any time and effort into researching and hunting for secret clues and hints.

    Its kind of like the Tawret statue idea.

    I dont like it, I dont want it, but after reading the puzzle that gave it away, its almost definet that it is Tawret.

    We are at a stage in the game, where I have longed to be for quite a while now.

    I think we are beginning to get answers to the who and what questions, but as I have been saying since I began posting on Lost theory sites years ago…the big questions are the “how”…and more importantly the “why”.

  9. Just so I dont come off a “negative nancy”…I have full faith in the writers and producers to do the right thing…

    which is to give the people who did the research the answers that they deserve, and make one hell of an ending to the show…

    Its easily the best and most intriguing piece of fiction that I have ever had the chance to not only see, but have a part of via this site.

  10. I still think they’re Des and Penny. At some point, somehow, I think Des feels the need to get back to the island (Penny comes with, bringing little Charlie) and something goes wrong (unless it’s planned of course) and they end up in the early 30s or whenever would put Charles Widmore at the age he would have been when he met Locke/Sawyer/Juliet in 1954.

  11. Everything makes sense for them to be Rose and Bernard except the timeline. There is no reason that the producers would have Jack lie about their age, it would be a direct lie and purposeless. Unless something happened on the island between 1970’s-2000s that caused the island to age faster or something, I don’t see how this would work.

  12. Okay so this is a long shot and i don’t really know how well anagrams play into lost but i found this on lostpedia (which i am now addicted to by the way);

    ‘Only fools are enslaved by time and space’, (which is what is heard if the brainwash video that was played to Karl is played backwards) is an anagram of ‘Bones of Nadlers may lay deep in lost cave’.

    Nadler is both Rose and Bernard’s surname.
    I just thought it was pretty cool, but bare in mind that i am not an anagram expert and i don’t know the probably of turning a sentence into something relatively close to what you it to be. My guess is that it is pretty low.

    Anyway i just thought you should check it out.

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