Final hint in Ep. 1

There are a lot of rumors, that, if you know the end, the answer is given in Ep. 1.

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7 thoughts on “Final hint in Ep. 1

  1. this is exactly what i thought when i rewatched episode 1. it’s all about backgammon. AND the two bodies found in the caves … one of them has a black rock and a white rock in it’s pocket….backgammon pieces. WHATTT

  2. not sure what i think about everything else, but the dice thing… very nice.

    I always thought from the beginning the backgammon scene had significance, but only so much as good vs evil. who knows? not me. I still think the dice thing is cool, even when applied on that simple level of good vs evil.

  3. 4everlost you really got me thinking.

    Everyone has heard the saying It’s not so black and white… Which is what Jacob was saying or trying to proove to MIB. Because MIB believes everything is black and white “they come they fight, they destroy, they corrupt, it always ends the same”

    MIB thinks human nature is repetitive and incapable of accepting what life is. Jacob believes that eventually humans will accept life, just as Rose and Bernard have. And its a funny coincidence that they are a black woman and white man – it’s not so black and white.

  4. hey there 4everlost. i have always thought that there was something very significant about the backgammon scene. i remember the first time i saw it and the times i have rewatched it. they have just crashed on an island theres alsorts going on around them. and locke is sitting there as calm as ever explainig the rules of backgammon to walt?? then of corse followed the other things that were black and white. lockes eyes in claires dream, the stones found on adam and eve?
    i liked reading this you got me thinking. the dice are really important to any game,the two sides are always the same,but the dice decide whats gona happen next dont they, and who wins? farraday has talked about variables but i didnt think back to the game of backgammon and the dice being indeed that? so all the people on the island apart from jacob and mib are the variables (dice) and will decide by there actions and what they do who wins? nice one well done dude. eko rocks

  5. Could it not be that all the losties and other people that have been on the island are the playing pieces and it’s Jacob and mib who are the dice controlling their every move

  6. Great point 4everlost, I also feel to Backgammon mention is the key to the story, and I believe your point regarding Christian’s body/image and eventually Locke’s is dead-on. I wonder though why MIB was able to find the loop hole through the use of Locke and not Christian or whomever else may have been transported to the island in that state.

  7. Hi I agree i think the backgammon is very important and could be used as symbol of entire plot line.
    I have been thinking about this alot and have been wondering about the whole MIB and his finding a loophole in the ‘game’ him and jacob are playing. If this plot here was similar to a backgammon game, then I would like to know if any one knows of any loopholes in backgammon? Or what different strategies there are? Cos it could tell us a bit more about the situation in Lost. Hopefully someone has good knowledge of backgammon here cos this site is full of great ppl.

    P.s Love this site thank you so much for coming bk.

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