Peoples theory on the incident

Alot of people are talking about the incident in the season finale and questioning what the flash means. The most common theory i have seen is that they have a time jump to 2007 or 1992. Fistly, since the wheel has yet to be used, i dont see how a time jump could occur, leaving two possiblities in my eyes:

either that is the incident they are discussing and the bomb released the electromagnetic energy further, nessesitating the evacuation of the island. The losties who survive are then sentenced to death byt the dharma folk.
or the bomb works, nullifying the energy source and changing the future, causing 815 to land in LA unharmed and for everyone to carryon living their lives.

I have to go with option one for a few reasons. Firstly because losts time travel is contantly stating that nothing can change, eliose always sent faraday back because she knew she couldnt change things and because she knew he would always make the plan and keep the cycle running. Secondly, because if the 815 crash never happened then all of the events of seasons 1-5 are void and either the whole season is someone trying to convince them to return and find out their “past” which would be very similar to season 5, or they would somehow still become involved in the war because they were destined to. And also because the first theory means Alpert could have watched them die at the hand of the dharma folk

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I just started watching Lost about 2 months ago at the behest of a friend who would entice me with information. Ive managed to get through all 5 seasons in that time and now i am annoyed i have to wait 6 months for season 6. Im still not 100% sure what i make of the series or if i even particularly like it, but it has me facinated

3 thoughts on “Peoples theory on the incident

  1. hi there lockeisjesus. i dont really know what will happen after the incident? whatever i tend to think often gets blown out of the water anyway,haha. over the last few seasons every episode has been very intense, packed with information.
    if im honest the time travel thing has thrown me a little bit. im more interested in the early mysteries that we had going on, to me they are the biggest mysteries and what lead us to where we are now. eko rocks

  2. I was just thinking: what if the (apparent) time jump occured neither because the bomb went off nor because electromagnetic was released, but because Jacob died?

    We all know that Jacob is incredibly important to the island, and it is safe to assume that the Incident and Jacob’s death concurrently (or almost).

    And assuming Jacob has some sort of ‘ability’ (I’m using the term lightly here) over time, then maybe he knew they (Jack and co.) were coming back with his death. It would confirm that Jacob was referring to them.

  3. Yes, your theory makes sense. But I have to point something out. I think that the second plane crash made the passengers flash to the 70’s AND another time that is not 2007 (read “time travel/locke)” by sawyerlover62 to find out why- it’s hard to explain)

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