My view on the series (Possible Spoilers)

Firstly, i wrote possible spoilers because this is my first post and i’m not sure on the spoiler policy, if someone could inform me i would be grateful.

Secondly, my theory may be identical or at least similar to another on this site, but since i am new i havent read all the theories and wouldnt know if i sound like a sheep or some original fella.

My theory revolves around the Island being a place of redemption. Tom informed Michael he couldnt kill himself because the island wasnt done with him. This was proved right when both Michael and jack are unable to commit suicide and Christian informing Michael “he can go” before he blows up.

The island, or jacob perhaps im not sure, has the ability to give people paradise (rose and locke becomming cured, jin and sun conceiving etc). I believe everyone who has come to the island is damaged, and the island is their time of redemption and they can either reseem themselves and grow, or reject it. The time space barrier to prevent them getting off the island, or anyone finding it, is a way of stopping people who dont want, dont need or who arent deserving of getting there. Think of all the main characters who have left the show other than claire.

Walt is allowed to leave because he becomes reconnected with his dad.

Michael is only allowed to die because he has not only saved his son and reconnected with him, but has helped/ saved his friends he had to betray to save said son.

Boone managed to reject his love of Shannon and decided to prove himself with becoming locke’s protoge

Shannon can leave because she has now experienced true love with Sayid.

Ana Lucia can die now she has accepted that she cannot kill ‘henry gale’. she has grown beyond her hate.

Eko is killed because he rejects his chance to repent, or is allowed to leave because he has accepted his past errors as sacrifices for his brother.

Nikki and Paulo die because they cannot grow beyond their greed.

Charlie accepts that he is not useless on the island, something he fights against in season one and two, and realises he must sacrifice everything to save his friends and his family,

Here are a couple that may work out or notas their stories arent fully completed: Desmond realises through his solitude how petty he has been and that he pretty much needs to man up and be with penny, and so he goes off and is having a happy life. Juliet has finally found true love with sawyer and can now go.

Notice how i say leave when i mean die. i believe that they are allowed to move on, either to another life or to the real world. it doesn tmatter either way as we see that Lost does have an afterlife of sorts, and all the deadsies seem happy.

oh, and one final point. ben is evil and as such does not get the benefits of the island like healing, but he has a destiny to do something important in season 6 so he has not been punished with death. What do you guys think? I think this theory works with others my friends have had with Locke being Jesus/saviour to the island, and jacob and MIB being God and the devil.

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I just started watching Lost about 2 months ago at the behest of a friend who would entice me with information. Ive managed to get through all 5 seasons in that time and now i am annoyed i have to wait 6 months for season 6. Im still not 100% sure what i make of the series or if i even particularly like it, but it has me facinated

8 thoughts on “My view on the series (Possible Spoilers)

  1. yeah i agree on some points and some others not so sure,

    I always did think people seemed to die when they had figured something out or learned a lesson, like boone. I think shannon does not learn her lesson and the island knows she will not, like eko. (Wasn’t she wanting to kill Locke at the time, even worse, trying to manipulate Sayid into doing it, like charlie and the fish?)

    I completely agree about eko. and yes, niki and paulo were *$&#^#@’s.

    Charlie i thought had to do with kicking his heroin habit along with Hurley’s food, although hurley is still there, notice how they both were presented with their problems twice? once on the island, and then again after they had kicked it, like a final test to make sure they had really kicked it.

    as far as spoilers go, i think its ok to post anything you want as to your theories on what anything is. I believe the spoiler comes about because some users here are from U.S. which airs the shows a day early, and some are from the U.K. which airs them a day late… like the administrator. I think the point she is making is, during the season, wait one week to post theories about episodes, or post them with an episode delay so people who have not seen the most recent episodes don’t get spoiled. not even sure about the week thing, maybe a day, but i’d go a week just to be safe.

    i think obviously if you have inside info because you work in the industry not to spoil it for the rest of us either. things do get leaked on other sites.

    hope this answers your question, or someone can clarify if im wrong.

  2. I’m not sure if I agree with all the good/evil and God/Satan comparisons. It seems to make much more sense if its a destiny/free will thing and that would be much more interesting. Locke and Jack are clearly on opposite sides, and to me, Jack would clearly be the better man. He seems like the man of free will, while Locke seems to be a man of destiny. Also, I don’t think that Jacob is necessarily the “good” one, I doubt it’s that simple.

  3. Bravo! I totally agree with you on the redemptive nature of the island, and the writers have stressed this all along: that each character is flawed in some way and have a chance at redeeming themselves on the island. I’m not sure about the dying/leaving thing, because as you said, Nikki and Paulo DIDN’T change their ways, and died. Maybe what happens after death is the critical factor. Charlie and Michael both died in the service of others, so maybe their afterlife is way different than those who die unredeemed. I really think you’re on to something here!

  4. hi there lockeisjesus, i really like your post. i am a really big lost fan, eversince claire got kidnapped really. as far as lost goes i think ther is soo much to the storey. yeah were all really dieing to know what on earth the island is and the time loop thing, etc, etc, etc,haha. but its deffinately not just about that at all, its as you have said in your about youself – facinateing. lost has so many storey levels if you like, and one of the big things is the characters the creators have told the storey with.from season 1 every episode tells a storey, especially the flash backs. we learn so much from the characters this way, and most of them have been on a really big journey.
    i think your post is really good, it makes really good sense that the island is a place of redeption for our losties. the people who have been killed off have found thier peace, if you like. i was watching a bonus disc one time and the creators said that the characors are all lost. so yeah you could be right here. eko rocks

  5. yeah eko rocks, I really loved in the beginning how we got some flashbacks from most of the characters and you totally had one opinion of them, and then as time went on you’d get another flashback and it would completely make you reconsider what you thought of them. like Jin for example… you think oh he is just a normal good guy doing his thing, and then you see the flashback where he is supposed to be killing people for Sun’s father. (i know he didn’t want to be doing this, which is why he told most of them to flee and never return). Maybe in the end those simple choices of jin’s will play into effect as far as judgment goes. people argue ‘well i had to do this or i had to do that’, so did jin have his orders, but he didn’t carry them out, because he knew it was wrong. (again, if it all relates to a good vs evil thing.)

    i think it can be both, good vs evil, and freewill vs fate.

    not sure that i agree with Jack is a better man than Locke. Jack reminds me of a fascist, while Locke seems more democratic. (just my opinion) i think i would even argue Locke is the free will and Jack is the fate, since Jack believes when he is right that HE IS right regardless and people should do what he says, whereas Locke is more likely to let someone draw their own conclusion. I admit its kind of wierd, because Locke definately makes the Fate argument, but his action in regards to others don’t seem that way. (with the exception of killing Naomi….because he wants them stay…. but then they all end up coming back anyways, and the freighter people were going to kill them all. so it turns out he was right.

  6. Nikki and Paulo died because of something they cannot do (grow beyond their greed) but everyone else dies because of something they did do (accept their past, experience true love, accept themselves). Why were Nikki and Paulo allowed to die?

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