How Ben got back to the island.

I was watching season 5 again and I was thinking. Eloise hawking says to Jack that he has to recreate the original flight as much as possible and that Jack must give John Locke an item of his fathers so that Locke can act as a proxy (substitute) for Jack’s father on flight 316. Jack ends up giving Locke his father’s shoes. I was thinking that Ben might have gotten back to the island by being a proxy for Jin as he had the wedding ring of Jins that he took from Locke when he killed him. Ben saved Locke at first but then murdered him, I thought this was only once he had heard Locke mention Eloise hawking but it was probably once he knew that Locke had brought back Jins wedding ring with him. Maybe something similar for Hurley / Charlie as Hurley had brought back Charlie’s guitar case. (Which was incidentally given to him by Jacob)
What dya think??

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8 thoughts on “How Ben got back to the island.

  1. Wow, the ring theory is awesome. Never even thought about that. as usual though, i have no stance. I just shrug my shoulders and kind of say -hmmpf- Trying to figure out what 2 brilliant writers have in store is always dificult. I still cannot figure out for the life of me why some went back in time and some didn’t.
    very interesting thoughts tho. nice.

  2. This never occured to me but it makes sense. Nice job! I agree with you Holdem on the time thing. I originally thought it was because there were other versions in the past, like Ben, and that the baby in the first episode of season 5 was Sun. That turned out to be wrong.

  3. Didn’t Ben give Sun Jin’s ring back?

    Also, with regards to how some of them went back / forward. There was a special show here in the UK before the finale aired (probably aired in the US as well?).


    I don’t think this is considered a spoiler since it was aired on a special show and it was Darlton who said it, but if you don’t want to know why only Jack and co. ended up in the 70s stop reading now 🙂


    Anyhow, there were some questions answered on there and one of them was, why did Jack, Kate etc. go back whilst Sun, Ben etc. didn’t.

    Darlton answered this question as if it was common knowledge, and when they said it I was like – huh, what? lol It hasn’t been explained in the show (not in an obvious way anyhow), but basically they said that Jack, Kate etc. ended up back in time because they didn’t recreate Flight 815 100%.

    And because they didn’t recreate it 100% it caused some sort of rift in time which made Jack etc. end up back in time.

  4. emzi, you are correct about Ben giving Sun, Jin’s ring!

    The special show you are referring to, did air here as well, so it became common knowledge.

  5. Yeah, he did give the ring back.

    What if someone else that was on Flight 815 has already been to the island, and was never suppose to return?

  6. I forgot Ben gave the ring back also.

    i remember Eloise warning there could be side effects, i guess i just never put to and two together too.

    thanks for clarifying another mystery for me emzi. you’ve been very helpful.

    sinster, like who? Jack, lol.

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