How many of you used to be on LT site?

I know that several of you posted on the old Lost Theoris site; I was on that site myself a couple of months before it was shut down (under the screen name Zaphod42). I was just curious as to how many of you used to be on that site?

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12 thoughts on “How many of you used to be on LT site?

  1. Achalli, I am one of the originating ‘old fossils’ from LT. I joined after Season 2, and made my exodus in what now seems like an eternity ago.

    There are quite a few members from that old site here.

    PS: This site was formed by another long-time member from LT.

    This site and its members ‘rock’, IMO.

  2. i also used to be on there. Thankfully it seems the normal ons have joined here, and the problems we had with the “trolls” doesnt seem to have infected this site, thank god!

    great site!!!!

  3. I wasn’t aware of that site, since I only started watching Season 1 on DVD last summer! I’ve been a fanatic ever since.
    I first started reading the Lost Theories on ABC’s site, but the posters there are very rude and insulting.
    This site is fantastic! Love all the theories and the civilized comments of all the posters!

  4. Yes this site is very well run and the people on here are very nice and considerate. Thanks to everybody for making this a great site.

  5. yes i used to be on there aswell. but i didnt dare post any theories, haha. i have done on this site though, everyone has been really nice with the comments they post. so thanks everyone, and im not just talking about the comments ive recieved.this site totally rocks,just like eko, haha. see ya dudes. eko rocks.

  6. No… i’m kinda new to lost. Can you help me out with this i’m kinda confused:

    From the last episode of season 4 and the first episode of season 5 the “present time” moved ahead three years? All we know about that time is from future flashes in season 4? Can anyone give a breif summary of the important things that happened? I haven’t watched season five yet, i just started the first episode and i’m so confused because it’s like now the flash forward is the present.

    Thank you! Your help is much appreciated 🙂

  7. Lostlove, basically all the flashforwards we saw in season 4 happend 3 years ahead of Island time. At the start of season 5 everything picks up where it left off on the Island; the Losties left are jumping through time. Off Island events are happening in 2008. The Oceanic 6 did not travel in time when they left the Island, they did spend 3 years back home. I hope this helps you a little, if I tell you anymore I may spoil season 5 for you. Beware that most of the recent posts here are related to season 5.

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