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What if when Locke came on the island, he died, and the MiB always impersonated him? It would explain why he could miraculously walk. It could be inferred, if this is true, that he somehow manipulated/brainwashed Walt and that is why Walt is such a mysterious kid. Locke always seemed to be against Jack. Also, Locke always had a plan for “the island,” he always knows what to do.

When Richard went to see if Locke was special off the island, he did not see any unique characteristics. Maybe this is because Locke is not special. Locke was dead as soon as he got on the island and it is MiB.

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16 thoughts on “Locke always fakeLocke

  1. i think its a possibility, but in my personal opinion I don’t think these are the cases given 2 things.
    1. Richard tells Locke there is something different about him, as if he senses he is not Locke anymore, and
    2. Walt was special before he came to the island, the birds, and his stepfather, Brian i think, telling Michael he was different.

    doesn’t mean I’m right, i think any number of things could happen in season 6.

  2. A lot of people think that Christian Sheppard is also one of those dead person images being ‘used’ by the MiB. In season 4 (if i’m right), when Locke jumps down the well to go turn the wheel and leave the island, Christian Sheppard appears to him and helps him. If you theory is right, and if people thinking MiB is impersonating Christian Shepard, that would mean that at this moment, one MiB image (Christian) is speaking with another MiB image (John Locke). Not very likely in my advice.

  3. Well that is IF MiB is impersonating Christian. IF you always use IFS you can discount any theory. Also, many people think that Christian is not MiB, and maybe it is actually Christian or his dead representation w/o the influence of either MiB. He could even represent Jacob. There are numerous possiblities as to the apparations of Christian.

  4. Overall I agree with Holdem on this, this same idea has occurred to me but I don’t think it holds up. As to the images I think that differnt entities are using the same images and making thinks difficult for everyone.

  5. I’ve been rewatching season 1 yet again, and DO NOT think Christian is MIB at all. When Jack finds his dad’s coffin it is empty and his body is missing. So we KNOW Christian is using his body.

    I do think Locke may have been influenced 2 a certain extent by the smoke monster the entire time he was on the island. He sat very much like the MIB in the first few episodes of Lost.

  6. hey lost444. i too think there is something about locke and he could possibly been mib the whole entire time? i posted a similar theory myself. it could have been when 815 crashed or when he had an encounter with smokie? the episode i find really strange is on season 1,when he leaves boone tied up in the jungle, then smokie comes? very strange? i guess we are gona have to wait for season 6 to find out, but yeah i agree with you. eko rocks

  7. Locke is such an enigma…I’m rewatching the seasons, and sometimes he seems TOTALLY like MIB….cold, omniscient, mysterious. And sometimes he’s fragile, doubtful, and completely unsure of himself. I just have no idea about john Locke. I think he might have always been MIB in some way.

  8. Yeah even if he is not MiB all along, there is no doubt to me that he had met MiB or was being influenced unknowingly by him since the beginning of his life on the island.

  9. So your saying that the locke that died was MIB? Then how did he die again if he was already dead? There was the locke body in the coffin and then the locke in the foot statue at the same time. I’m confused… could you explain that part? If locke was MIB from the start then how did he die and “come back” as a new locke but still have a dead body of “real locke” which you are saying was actually MIB?

  10. I’m thinking that there would be two possibilities. First, if MiB was always Locke, then MiB faked his death and Llana could have switched the real Locke’s dead body with MiB’s Locke body when they got to the island, which would mean Llana works for MiB. The other possibility which is probably more likely would be that Locke was not actually MiB from the beginning; however, he was influenced by MiB and was doing what MiB wanted. Then, MiB would have used Locke for all he could do and impersonate him when they get back to the island.

  11. Perhaps Locke is not special but as you recall, Locke drew a picture of the smoke monster killing a person when he was only five… coinsidence????

  12. Here is something I’ve wondered about the Locke story when it comes to his leaving the island, trying to recruit the others to return and eventual death at the hands of Ben…
    Do you remeber when Ben dropped Locke’s body off to his ally and asked her to take care of him and she commented, and I’m paraphrasing because I have seen the episode since it first aired, “but isn’t he dead” and Ben simply looks at her suspiciously as if implying that his being dead may not be entirely true.
    But fast forward to their rearrival on the island he acted very surprised be, what he believed to be his reincarnation.

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