In the beginning of season five’s finale, you see jacob and someone else (who we don’t know) talking. The other man claims that all that happens is “They come, fight, destroy, and corrupt.” Jacob replies with something about everything progresses (I’m really not sure). The other man is obviously talking about the people on the island. So if you think about it, he is basically saying that everything on the island keeps on repeating itself. Like a cycle of the events on the island happening over and over again. It starts with flight 815 crashing, then goes to everyone fighting and destroying the island, then the bomb. However, Jacob thinks that everytime this cycle takes place, something progresses. Maybe it’s the way the variables treat eachother or figure something out faster. Also, when Claire is having flashbacks to when Ethan took her in season two, she sees a mobile in the place where the others were going to keep Aaron. The mobile had oceanic planes instead of cute little bunny rabbits and stuff. The planes were also spinning in a circle. This is great symbolism that supports my theory! Don’t blame me if I get all of this wrong, I wasn’t allowed to watch LOST for the first four seasons (I was only seven). So know I playing catch-up and trying to watch seasons 1-4 by 2010!! Can the New year come any slower??

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5 thoughts on “TIME PATH

  1. sawyerlover62, it sounds like you have got a firm grasp of the concept of the show already!

    If you are suspecting that there is a repetetive cycle, and/or ‘looping effect’, I think you’ve got that right!

    Keep theorizing! You are likely one of the youngest members on a theory site! You should be proud of your efforts, thus far!

  2. Prettty nice theory.
    You believe that each time Jack, Kate, Hurley, etc, go though that cycle, they make a tiny bit more progress towards avoiding the “incident” that eventually caused them to crash, right? The reason I’m asking this is because of all the controversy over whether Daniel

  3. Hi Mrs. LaFleaur!! I am new to this website… so I don’t really know how to answer your question except this way!! Actually, what I meant about the progressing thing is that the losties have less violance occuring between them or less deaths etc. I fully agree with Daniel’s statment- I think that everytime, the same outcome occurs. So no, that is not what I meant but thanks for the comment 🙂 !!!

  4. i think the statement about the time loops and progress, might be true in the sense that everytime they (jack hurley kate – and anyone else) go back in time, which i think they *have* to do, the incident(s) happen quicker and quicker (or earlier and earlier) so the incident that we know as happening in 1982 (i think thats the year) could now be happening in 1977, and so the plane could crash earlier than 2004..(ok ill stop now, think im digging myself a hole i cant get out of)

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