The Fate of Juliet and Important Hierarchies on the Island

Why these two notions are co-existing in this post is to simply identify important people ideas and hierarchies on the island. We must first look at Juliet. If the bomb did indeed go off. Boom end of show at least for everyone bar Sun, Ben, Frank, Esau (or Anti-Locke) and Richard. Not likely. So assuming the flash was time-related, our Losties jump through time again (most likely 2007 – see my last post for reasons). However, when they do, Juliet will not be there, nor will they look for her. Why? Because they think she is dead. They may belive (a) the bomb sent them through time, thus using Juliet as a sacrafice- awww, or (b) they think she died by way of falling all the way down the tunnel. As mentioned in Lostpedia, Juliet will not be a main character in Season 6 (Elizabeth Mitchell has a new show)- which I hypothesise as a result of her showing up half way through the season, much like everyone thought Jin was dead and then boom he washes up on shore and was added to the Lost Season 5 Promo poster. It will make a heart-warming return and may add to the Sawyer-Kate-Juliet turmoil. I hope this is the case anyway.

Otherwise, we must look at each individual character and surmise what their function in the story is. However, forgetting the Losties, we may answer Jacob and Esau’s function through the other people ‘in charge’, i.e. Eloise, Ben, Richard, Jacob, Esau and of course Widmore. We have all come to the conclusion that orders are coming from Jacob. Some propose that they are disguised and actually coming from Esau. A possibility. Let’s look at what we know. Jacob’s orders come straight from Richard and are given to Ben. However, Ben has never seen Jacob nor heard from him. We can assume Ben is a pawn. Why does Ben go to the cabin? Because he thinks Jacob is there. Why? Because Richard must have told him. We know from S3, that it is Esau – a dark bearded man in the cabin. However, when asked what lies in the shadow of the statue, Richard answers – ‘he who will protect us’. Richard knows that Jacob is in the shadow of the staue and not in the cabin. Richard may be a double agent? Similarly, Eloise Hawking knows that to get the losties back to the island appropriately, measures must be taken to replicate the initial 315 crash – use Locke as a proxy for Christian. Or maybe… use him so that he may be taken over by Esau. Eloise a double agent? Finally, why are both Widmore and Eloise now off-island? Widmore was banished. Possible hidden motive: to stop Richard and Co. from bringing Esau’s plans to fruition, even though it seemed a result of problems with Ben. Maybe Richard resents his unaging abilities and wants to die instead of living forever. Maybe Widmore is at odds with Ben because Widmore knows what is really going and Ben does not know the nature of the war at hand… Maybe Widmore is trying to stop Ben in order to stop Esau’s work? Maybe Ben is making a terrible mistake, Maybe Eloise is a pawn as well, maybe Widmore is a good guy. I am ranting know, but I am trying to make a point. Do I believe that these connections are true. No, not really. But what I am saying is to understand the nature of Jacob and Esau, then we must look to truly understand the connections among Ben, Richard, Eloise and Widmore. The point is that I believe that the key to understanding the relationship between Jacob and Esau is to understand the relationships among the four previously mentioned major game players. I also urge viewers to evaluate the necessity and ability of certain characters, i.e. the Losties, to wager important changes to these relationships. Let me know what you think!

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6 thoughts on “The Fate of Juliet and Important Hierarchies on the Island

  1. Clever Name Regarding Lost, I love your post!

    I have been trying to tie-in Ms. Hawking, Widmore, Christian, Abaddon, etc., to the present occurrences of what is happening on ‘the island’.

    After careful consideration, I am inclined to believe that Charles Widmore may not be ‘the bad guy’, we have been led to believe he is!

    Richard Alpert’s motives may not be as ‘good’ as we have been led to believe either. I also do not believe that Jacob’s motives are as pure as we are being led to believe.

    As for Fake Locke, it is possible we are also being misled about his true motives. That is not to say he is good/bad or otherwise.

    You are absolutely right about Ben! He is as much a pawn as John Locke, in many respects! And, perhaps he is a bigger pawn.

    I really wish I could elaborate in more detail, however I am working on something which may shed light on this very subject!

    This is the type of theory I like, because it makes you think and makes you question!

    Nice work and top marks!

  2. I also agree with the connections stuff. I would certainly hope that jacob and Esau have something to do with the characters we have already grown to love or hate.

  3. Are you sure that no one will look for Juliet? Even if they flash in time – I’m pretty sure Sawyer is going to start “digging” – just like he did with Locke – and he wasn’t even in love him!

    This might be metaphorical “digging” – as in looking around – but since the Swan imploded in 2004 (and left a crater) – if they flash to 2007 – then she could very well just be found laying at the bottom of the crater – looking HOT as usual. Right?

  4. ScrollLocke, theoretically at least, you’re right. I too would look for a loved one. Forgetting about looking for her in a crater, it would be much better storytelling to reintroduce her half way through the season than just ‘oh there you are…not dead in a crater 30 years after you supposedly detonated a hydrogen bomb.’ I think having her ‘survive’ the fall and bringing her back straight away would be dodgy storytelling that’s all. With regards to looking, Jack and Kate will probably usher him to carry on in a new ‘A-Mission’ rather than mope about looking for a dead woman (she fell 30+ feet I’m sure and with all the debris that fell in on top of her it would be ludicrous to believe she’s still alive…though extremely hot as you accurately pointed out.

  5. I agree. It would be ridiculous if they flashed and then she was just laying there.
    HOWEVER – if that did happen – and she was dying – maybe Sawyer would try and take her to Richard (like he did with little Ben) – and then maybe they could still drop her storyline until mid-way into the season.

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