United Maybe?

As it is readily apparent at this time the mythology of Lost is influenced by Egyptian mythology. A part of Ancient Egyptian society was the multiple part concept of the soul. They believed that the soul was divide into several different parts that could exist separately of each other after death. Some of these parts were the Ka, or lifeforce; the Ba, or personality; the Akh which is the resulting spirit after the Ka and Ba are joined after death; and the Khaibit, or shadow. I’ve been trying to apply these concepts to Lost and ended up with many avenues to pursue. While trying to unify my thoughts on how this applied to Lost I realized that unification may be what the Island is trying to achieve.

Jacob and his Adverary represent two different aspects of the Island. It would appear that Jacob has an affinity for the material aspects with his interactions with the Losties and the way he influences the Others. The Adversary seems to be more aligned with spiritual or supernatural aspects. This would include the visual manifestations, whispers, and possesion of a dead person’s image. These two people seem to have been debating over the years as to which is more important. However I believe that the Island consideres both their views valid and wants them joined as one.

Now ever since the middle of season 1 our Losties have been separated in some way.

Season 1: Some Losties remain on the beach while another set goes to live in the caves.

Season 2: Some Losties remain on the beach while another group inhabits the Swan.

Season 3: One group is on the beach while another group is held captive by the Others.

Season 4: One group remains at the beach to await rescue by the Freighter Folk while another group goes and hides in Dharmaville.

Season 5: One group is living off Island while the other group is hop-skotching through time and ending up in 1974.

Again what I think the Island may be working towards is bringing all the different groups together to work for the common good of the Island.

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6 thoughts on “United Maybe?

  1. This was very well written and I very much agree! That sounds very lost… and makes so much sense. It’s so interesting about the Ka, Ba and Ahk and about how the Khaibit is shadow (smoke monster)

  2. Achalli, I really like the way you brought together all of the different aspects of ‘the soul’ applied to Egyptian mythology and set them up with Jacob and Fake Locke, and what has been occurring on ‘the island’.

    In the story of Jacob and Esau, we learn that these two had major differences. One, was a hunter and outdoors-man, and the other was more of a recluse enjoying more refined things, such as reading art, etc.

    I even see the similarities in the varying Philosophers names which have been mentioned throughout the show and their social and political beliefs. John Locke, the Empiricist who believed in the Tabula Rasa, Jeremy Bentham, who subscribed to Ultalitarianism and invented The Panopticon, David Hume, in Determinism, Dostoyevsky and Michel Focault, in Existentialism, etc.

    I have noted that in every season of Lost, the groups are divided or separated for some reason. Lately it has occurred to me, that the ‘experiment’, if there is one, could be one that highlights the values that have been mentioned.

    It certainly all plays into the theme of duality which has come to the forefront, and seems to be what Lost is aiming at, as its focus for Season 6.

    Very nice theory!

  3. I’m glad you both liked it. I originally was going to have something that was more indepth but it was getting to be too complicated. I was hoping to be able to assign all the characters to a different aspect of the Egyptian soul. I had to step back and look at the whole picture. As an addendum to this I don’t think that Jacob or the Adversary really know that the Island wants them to be joined.

  4. Achalli, you could still expand on this in another theory. That is the beauty of off-season. You can really take your ideas and make the most of them!

    I really like the idea, that ‘the island’ has a ‘mind’ and a ‘will’ of its own that is separate to the wishes of Jacob and Fake Locke. It’s one of the reasons why I believe the smoke monster acts on behalf of ‘the island’, and is not subject to the wishes of Jacob or Fake Locke!

  5. Dabs you are correct, there is a lost that can be done with this. I ended up going off on many tangents with it. I agree with you that the Island is a seperate character, that’s the main reason I tend to capitalize it in these posts. I also agree with you about the off season. It’s a great time to really dig into everything and gain new insight into different facets of the show.

    By the way, I’m almost done with a better theory that expands on my ‘Quick Little Island Theory.’ It should be up here within the next couple of days.

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