Random Find about the meaning of the name Richard Alpert

I was looking up trivia on the movie Drag Me To Hell, and found this info on imdb.

The name of the medium in the film, Ram Jas, is similar to Ram Dass, the name adopted by Harvard psychologist Richard Alpert when he became a New Age spiritual guru.

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2 thoughts on “Random Find about the meaning of the name Richard Alpert

  1. Hi Sinster, yes the name of Baba Ram Das has been long thought as a possible for Richard Alpert. Check him out on Wikipedia. He was a co-hort of Timothy Leary! Schwing! lol

  2. Many people also think R.ichard A.lpert stands for RA, Egyptian god.

    I’d go with the actual Richard Alpert, seeing as how Alpert seems to be a sort of spiritual advisor or guide for the leaders of the Others.

    He reminds me of Robert Duvall’s character in The Godfather, Tom Hagen the consigliare.

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