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Just an observation that i’ve always noticed, but never mentioned. Probably not massively important but the others always use peoples actual names, for instance Hugo instead of Hurley and James instead

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5 thoughts on “First Name Terms

  1. Hell, I’ve been thinking the same damn thing for god knows how long – so I’m with a hundred percent. I’ve always felt there’s been something strange about the use of names throughout the entire series.. And one thing that really stuck with me is – Bernard. When Sayid, Jin and Bernard are captured(after failing to close their trap entirely) Tom radios Ben to Tell him that they’ve taken Jarrah(I’m pretty certain), Kwan – and the Dentist! Upon which – Tom is ordered to kill Sayid(Which – as we then know – he had no real intention of doing, strangely enough) I have no idea what any of this means – but I do share your thought – there’s something fishy going on(apart from – off course, like – everything LOST!;)

  2. This is probably because the others gather information on the losties based on official documents while the losties themself use their nicknames.

  3. ^ Jj23, that is fairly obvious but why does Locke call Hurley, Hugo and Sawyer, James? Why would he decide to call someone he’d only met a few weeks ago by their first name rather than their nickname? i think its a clue

  4. Locke didn’t start calling Sawyer James until after he read his file, and after Sawyer killed Cooper. So, from that point on Locke started calling Sawyer James because I thought it may have been his way of helping him move past it, by giving him a new start as James.

    But, as far as Hurley goes… I think you may have a point. What I find strange is that Locke never addressed Hurley by any name for the entire first season. It was only in the season one finale, right before they blew the hatch door that we hear Locke address Hurley for the very first time and he called him Hugo! He has been calling him Hugo ever since.

  5. Wow, sorry about that – and still no one seemed to notice – it wasn’t Sayid that was ordered to die(not at that moment anyway) it was Jin “Kill Kwan” Ben says to Tom – in order to get Bernard(the Dentist) to talk.. My bad, just a small detail, but I wrote it wrong so, consider it corrected – for those of you who did indeed notice

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