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3 thoughts on “Walt

  1. Charliealltheway, what an original thought! I really like this idea, and never entertained the thought myself.

    I think it is very plausible!

    Good work!

  2. Charliealltheway, i think maybe the reason walt is special is due to what the date is on island when the plane crashes. on the outside world, we know its 2004 but as the island can travel through time, it may be that the island is existing at a time (say the 80’s) when walt hadnt even been born yet.

    how this makes walt be able to be special, and maybe see the future, im not sure but im sure there will be some sort of paradox in here somewhere!

  3. iamjacob, the time loop does not explain walts powers before he got to the island. eg his step dads comment and the bird dying. further i have always wondered if his mums death is linkeed. this happened at the same time when we saw the bird die

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