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There are definitely some issues I need to expand upon and there are a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up. Here goes…

The island

It is impossible to suggest that the island and these features were either created ‘naturally’ in the past or by ancient humans. Humanity has achieved many wonders in the ancient world but it is ridiculous to presume that ancient humans alone constructed the unique properties of the island. The only plausible, scientific explanation is that the island was somehow constructed in the future and that the future has manipulated or is manipulating the past/present.

There are also unique properties on the island such as exotic matter, strong electromagnetism, the gigantic statue, the wheel which appears to harness unlimited energy that allows the island to move instantly through space and time. There is also the complex (and sentient?) ‘security system’ of black smoke and electricity which appears to have the ability to tap into the subconsciousness of peoples minds.


In the final episode of the 5th series there were two men on the island sometime in the 1800s watching a ship head towards the island. Jacob’s counterpart in the black shirt (Jacob’s enemy) opposed Jacob’s decision to bring the ship to the island so much, he expressed his desire to kill him.

It is important to note the similarities and differences between Jacob and his enemy.


1) They both refer to ‘an end’.

‘It always ends the same’ (Jacob’s enemy)

‘It only ends once, anything that happens before that is just progress’ (Jacob).

  1. They both appear to reject technology and live very simplistic lives, despite being ‘immortal’ and appearing very wise.

    – Jacob doesn’t like technology. Although technology is beneficial to human beings it also produces destructiveness, such as the ability for humans to manufacture weapons and toxins which threaten our very existence. As technology develops so does the destructive capability of mankind.


    They both disagree on the nature of humanity. Jacob’s enemy is pessimistic and assumes that the main purpose of human is to ‘fight, destroy, and corrupt.’ Jacob on the other hand appears to be optimistic and tells his enemy that he’s simply ‘wrong’.

When Jacob and his enemy talk, they both stare at the boat and mention an ‘end’. What exactly is this ‘end’? It must be related to the outside world as they appear to tie in the topic of human nature when talking about the ship. My best guess is that this ‘end’ has something to do with mankind, possibly the end of the world and/or the end of the human race.

It has been shown that the island acts like a bubble in space/time (the Orchid video) due to the casimir effect. The island is in its own separate universe. We clearly see this when ships and submarines have to follow a specific course in order to leave the island and in the episode where the Ajira plane crash lands on the runway on the Hydra island. When it was cruising, it was night but when it entered the vicinity of the island, it mysteriously turned to daylight!

It makes perfect sense, if there was a catastrophe that would ultimately lead to the extinction of the human race then wouldn’t the island offer a perfect safe haven for it to survive? Therefore, the purpose of the island (space/time bubble) is either to stop humanity from ending and/or to prevent mankind’s destruction (this is where Jacob comes in). This theory is first illustrated when the huge statue is encountered carrying ‘ankhs’ which symbolises ‘eternal life’.

Jacob and his enemy appear to know of ‘time loopholes’, which suggests that they either know the workings of time travel or they have both witnessed these workings by interfering in past events (note ‘It always ends the same’ (Jacob’s enemy) ‘It only ends once, anything that happens before that is just progress’ (Jacob)). However, there is only one conclusion. Humanity and/or the world will always ‘die’ (like that precognition episode with Desmond). All efforts to save it will be in vain. The ‘outer universe’ will always find a new way of course correcting.

The Others

The others are shown to possess some rather bizarre traits. They speak latin, they refer to themselves as ‘enlightened’ (Juliet), and they all seem to possess some kind of great talent. This is highlighted in cases such as Charles Widmore and his outstanding ability in establishing a multi-national business empire, and also Daniel Faraday, with his incredible talent in the field of temporal physics. All of the ‘others’ and their candidates (Juliet, Ethan, Walt, Ben) each seem to be gifted in some way. Contrast that with other people, most notably Kate, when was told that she wasn’t on the others’ list as she was ‘flawed’ and ‘angry’.

As the island is cut off from our universe, human civilisation could start again, this time constructed as a utopian society. As noted earlier on, if a society abandons technology, this will suppress human nature’s self-destructive tendencies.

My theory is that the others are either descended from a select few who were/will be picked to live on the island due to their value to civilisation, or that they were picked throughout different periods of history to ensure the stability of the utopian society, or a combination. They’ve abandoned technology but they still possess knowledge (that’s why the others like Charles Widmore are so successful in the modern world). Their isolationism and desire to pursue a policy of social utopia is what makes them so hostile to outsiders. Contrast that with the Dharma Initiative and we see that they are totally different communities, the Dharma Initiative being very much dependent on technology and not as selective about their community as the others appear to be.

It is possible that the others are outsiders who have been recruited. We see that the others are an amalgamation of different nationalities and ethnicities. Not only that, but we also see them speaking with different accents. There is evidence of American, Australian, and even British accents being used. This is most bizarre. If they were to be indigenous then they would almost certainly develop a distinct culture which is not evident. Even their leaders, Jacob, his enemy, and Richard Alpert have American accents. There are further examples of people such as Juliet, Ethan, and Ben who were further recruited into the group. Ben even became their leader which shows a leniency in the policy they have towards outsiders.

The reason why I don’t think most of them are hand picked from the outside world are as follows. Evidence shows that they are indigenous and have existed on the island for a very, very long time, probably remaining in isolation after abandoning technology (after they built the temple and statue etc). The ancient looking structures on the island including the statue, the temple, the tunnels, the heiroglyphics, their shared language of latin, the fact that the others have their own cultural ceremonies like the inquisition Juliet faced, the brand Juliet received afterwards, and their rigid leadership selection process stated by Richard Alpert suggests that there is significant history behind the others. Jacob’s enemy as Locke also slips us a clue. Fake Locke tells Richard Alpert that after he’s finished with Jacob, he expects something to be done about the remaining passengers (outsiders) and replies ‘you know what I mean’, which implies that there is some kind of an underlying policy amongst the indigenous islanders.

-Enough for now

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5 thoughts on “Lost sorted!

  1. LOST_SPOILER081, you really should have posted this as a theory. It is more than worthy of being in the theory section!

    I agree with you about ‘the island’. I think it is plausible that it could have been created by a ‘black hole’ or something to the effect.

    I really like your take on ‘the others’. So little has been explained about them, yet we have seen that they are different somehow.

    I also got the impression that Fake Locke was telling Richard, something Richard knew to be true. That the remainder of the passengers needed to be taken care of. This indicates to me that there is some sort of procedure in place for how they handle outsiders.

    Great thoughts and great theory!

  2. Sorry, I’m very new to this forum. I’ll try and re-post it in the theory section.

    I’m still thinking on how it will all come together. I’ve got some theories about fake locke which I’ll post later on.

  3. Well, I agree with you on most of the things you’ve said except one. How can you be sure that Jacob doesn’t like technology? Just because he lives quite poorly on the beach? I remember Ben told John to turn off the torch before entering the cabin because Jacob didn’t like technology but we can be almost sure now that Jacob wasn’t living in that cabin and that Ben had never really met him or talked to him. Therefore I suppose JAcob didn’t really despise technology or progress. As we know the bad doesn’t come from technology itself but, once again, on how mankind uses that technology, for good purpose or bad. Still a matter of free will to me. Jacob wants people to come to the island because its powers can be good for the humankind if used properly and he’s trying to prove MIB wrong about the human nature. But Mib doesn’t want to share the power of the island .I’d like to add more now but I have to go! What do you think?

  4. Quite right, I do agree that it was not Jacob in the cabin but his enemy. However, Ben must have retrieved that information from somewhere?

    I’m basing my theory on evidence. In the last episode, Jacob lived on the beach with his enemy in very simple conditions. If he is as old and as wise as we think he is, then why is he living the simple lifestyle that we are shown?

    I am devising in my next theory that Jacob and his enemy are administrators of the island. I personally believe that Jacob’s ideology on human nature is ‘rogue’ and is not shared by the vision of the island’s creators or his enemy.

    In Faraday’s theory, he suggests that certain variables (people) can influence time, which bears no connection with technology. Free will is based on interests which are intertwined with human emotions. Technology is used as a coercive instrument which obtains the goals dictated by free will. When the coercive instruments are removed we see that human beings become vulnerable and have to work together in order to obtain the common good. Technology is still ‘bad’ as it does create instruments of coercion which are in turn used to subjugate minorities within society (aka Black Rock Slave Ship).

  5. LOST_SPOILER081, I totally agree with your comment pertaining to technology, and how it impacts the free will man uses, turning it into a coercive device to gain power and control.

    It has been said, that many advanced civilizations vanished, as a result of the use/misuse of technology. Many who subscribe to the notion of ‘the end of the world’, believe it will occur as a direct result of mans devices, as opposed to ‘natural’ occurrences.

    We learned from Ben, very early on that Jacob does not like technology. If it was his Nemesis in the cabin and not Jacob, (and I believe it was), the same would apply.

    I look forward to reading your next theory. I certainly like the idea that these two have been placed on ‘the island’ as administrators or ‘watchers’.

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