In the scene where Charles Widmore gets escorted to the submarine we see two of what appear to be security guards. They both have symbols on their jackets which also appear in the Dharma Intiative symbol (see below and above). Does anyone know what they are, what they mean, and have any theories of why they are on the jackets?


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  1. Hello LOST_SPOILER081: The symbol that appears on the Dharma logo which looks something like an “H” means “Water.” I just checked a screencap of the guards in that scene for my own verification and yes, it is a “Water” symbol. So, I guess if you think about it, a water symbol would be an ideal symbol to have on the jackets of the submarine guards.

    This part really has nothing to do with your question, or that scene, but I thought it was interesting. The symbol that is opposite of the “Water” symbol on the Dharma logo, the one that looks like an “O” means “Fire.”

    If you recall in the episode “The Beginning of the End” there are a lot of “H” “O” references surrounding Hurley. This was the episode that Hurley encounters a dead but there Charlie. And, Charlie just so happens to have had an episode called “Fire and Water.”

    I know that’s more than you asked for, but I’m bored.

  2. I just realized that the symbol that you typed out in your post looks like the “fire” “O” symbol.

    On all of the screencaps of that scene that I’ve found, I can only see the
    “water” “H” symbol on one of the guards. I can’t find a screencap with both of them in view.

  3. LOST_SPOILER081, I recall that there was a post on this subject after the episode aired, with a good discussion. Unfortunately, I cannot recall the post or who posted it.

    From Lostpedia;

    “As the guards escort Widmore onto the sub, trapezoidal trigrams, similar to symbols seen in the I Ching, are visible on the backs of their bulletproof vests. In the I Ching, this symbol means “water”. A similar symbol, but for “wind,” can be seen on the boarding pass for Ajira Airways”.

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