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I was on a breakation last week to my home town in Ohio and began rewatching LOST from the very beginning. Something stuck out big time in the Pilot episode. When Jack is being stitched up by Kate he tells her that during his first major surgery he cut the Dural sack on his patient and took a 5 second break to let the fear in and then move on with the precedure. I really shortened that whole scene, anyways, as seen in The Incident we now know that it was Jack’s father who put him in time out and Jack was very put out about this saying he needed his team to believe in him. Christian asks Jack is really them he needs to believe in him. So i’m basically wondering what is the significance of this in the first episode? I believe Jack tells this to Kate to get her to join his side for whatever “War” is coming. Whenever there is a major decision Jack asks Kate if she is with him, to which she always responds “I have always been with you” or something along those lines. Like the title, this is just me rambling, not really theorizing here. I also think it has been stated but I do believe at one time a Polar bear turns the Frozen Wheel to move the island, as one is dug up by charlotte in the desert. I don’t know when this happened but I don’t believe the bear turned it during the Incident. Though it may be perfectly plausible since it looks cold down there and they may have been kept in the undergroung caves not knowing the wheel was back there. Want to hear comments to tie any of this together or other views of what I’ve said. Best regards.

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  1. I just wanna say that I never would have thought of that in a million years. I figured the polar bear was in the desert as a result of an experiment involving space bending. I guess we could say at this point that a bear actually might have turned the wheel. LOL, wouldn’t that be nuts

  2. howdy ian, yeah your right about the jack time out storey thing. it come up again in season 3 i think? when jack is performing the operation on ben. he cuts his kidney sack in an attempt to help kate and sawyer escape the others. then on the walkie he asks kate if shè can remember the storey he told her when they first met and tells her that he wants her to tell him that storey when they are safe, or something like that anyway,haha.

    as for the polar bear turning the wheel, i was thinking it was probably an experiment by someone. thinking about it again though you could be right? we know that dharma did experiments with polar bears but we have never found out the reason for this, what dharma were trying to achieve and how far they got with thier reasearch and/or testing? they managed to get the fish buscuits didnt they? i dont know anything about polar bears, like how inteligant they are or anything? dharma must have got quite far with thier reasearch though as they managed to sucessfully develop them into living in a hot climate? if they can survive there and are capable of that, who knows what else the polar bears are capable of doing? eko rocks

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