Lost references religion (proof)

first off i take my information from the thompson study bible in case you want to verify.

So lets get started, we have seen the thoeries of religion before but here’s a few I have yet to see written down. First off we know the name Jacob comes from the bible we also know there are numbers involved and a statue from the times of the bible. So here are my references

in the latest video clip for the up coming season destiny found locke references two sides one light one dark lets plug that into bible references

using the numbers we have been given we can go from Genesis chapter 1

verse 4 and god saw the light that it was good and god divided the light from the darkness.

(references light and dark)

verse 8 and god called the firmanment heaven. and the evening and morning were the second day

(references day and night light and dark)

verse 15+16 and let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth and it was so and god made two great lights the greater light for day and the lesser light for night.

(references light and dark and the heavens)

verse 23 and the evening and the morning were the fifth day

(once again day night light dark)

thats only Genesis chapter 1 the references from the books of the bible that lost have mention go into discussing the ark and how it set upon a hill in the middle of a body of land the boat from lost in the middle of the island. It also discusses Jacob in reference to the verses of the numbers it also discusses moses and much more. do some research in the bible under exodus and numbers you may find alot of the information references lost.

I can’t explain exactly what I think the ending will be but I would bet it has something to do with religion and The whole thing is probably a metaphor for the struggle of the Children of Israel and somehow tied into the them all being in a state purgatory.

Regarless of rather I am right or not isn’t important what is important is everything on the island has already been explained just not in depth therfore leaving us in a state of purgatory to find out what happens next. What if this is nothing more than reverse pshycology think about it your watching this show about people trapped in purgatory but yet isn’t that what your in right now.

So many people have created so many thoeries and yet lost leaves you wanting more every episode is that not a self purgatory. use your bible reference the books mention in the show including the book of John and any other name that might fit to the books of the bible reference the characters names for other meanings of those names see if they are books in the bible or if they are mentioned in the bible see if they are all connected somehow in the bible.

You may be surprised at what your learn. I gave you the beginning of my theory you’ll have to reference the rest for yourself. I will tell you this. There’s more to lost then just a tv show. The story isn’t exactly right. Think about jacob his twelve sons twelve hatches? ring a bell? the list goes on and on and on its simple references I will release all my information with time stamps of when I wrote it the day before the finale until then good luck hope you find what I have. Oh and dharma literally means one’s righteous duty or any virtuous path in the common sense of the term. it can be equivalent simply to “religion”, depending on context.

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X US NAVY know to study patterns and find reasoning amongst that does does seem to have a reason.

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  1. Excellent post! I just posted something on Kaballah called “The Restoration of Adam Kadmon” and then found your post with all of this great Genesis information. The numbers have meaning to me now!

  2. Glad you liked the post there’s a lot more I can contribute to understanding lost have been puling it apart since day 1 even have every episode for note taking. would love to swap ideas and see what you’ve come up with remember though they didn’t make lost hard to figure out all the mathmaticians in the world would over analyize things and they knew that. they didn’t work hard on the plot so don’t work hard on figuring it out. everything is self explanitory

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