Yet Another Twist – Einstien, The Swan, And The Eldridge

I find Lost fascinating in so many ways. One of the things that draws me to the show are the mysteries responsible about what happens on the Island. A book that I am presently reading may provide clues about the nature of the experiments originally intended for the Swan, the nature of the incedent that led to sealing off a portion of the Swan and consequent implementation of the 108 protocol, and how the Island may actually move. The name of the book is “Secrets Of The Unified Field” by Joseph P. Farrell. The book is basically about Farrell’s research into the scientific concepts that may have been the basis of the Philadelphia Experiment. Farrell belives that the 1928 version of Einstein’s discarded Unified Field Theory that utilized torsion tensors (more on these later) was engineerable and used for the Philadelphia Experiment. Before I go any further I would just like to mention that the bulk of the inforamation I will present is from Farrell’s book, I am assuming that the Philadelphia Experiment did take place (the government looked into using bat bombs against Japan so why not an invisibility experiment? Google bat bombs if you don’t believe me), and I will also assume that the incedent mentioned in the orientation film is not the same incedent we saw in the season 5 finale.

For those that are not familiar with it, the Philadelphia Experiment was a supposed series of experiments conducted aboard a destroyer-escort (USS Eldridge DE-173) during WWII. There are many versions of the story but they all contain the same basic core information. what is basically supposed to have happened was that the Navy was looking into using massive electromagnetic fields surrounding a ship for the purpose of deflecting projectiles and bending and absorbing radar waves so that the ship was effectively radar invisible. The Navy got far more effects than it anticipated. These effects included optical invisibility, severly disorientated sailors due to the E/M field. Sailors claiming to have been transported to other dimensions, the possible teleportation of the Eldridge from Philadelphia to Norfolk and back, sailors found embedded in the decks and hull of the ship when the E/M field was switched off, and sailors vanishing into thin air long after the field was switched off. The Navy supposedly used the degausing (the act of neutalizing a ships E/M field so as not to attract mines) equipment to create the massive E/M Field that surrounded and rotated around the ship.

In his book Joseph P. Farrell believes that the Navy used the 1928 version of Einstein’s Unified Field Theory (a theory that sought to unify electromagnetism and gravity into one simple equation). This version of the theory utilized a torsion tensor, an equation that describes how much space-time twists due to rotation. Farrell describes torsion as taking a aluminum can by both ends and twisting it in the opposite direction. The resulting crinckling and folding of the can is the same thing that happens to space-time and Farrell refers to this a lot as ‘pleating.’ Apparently according to the 1928 theory everything that has an E/M field causes space-time and gravity to pleat locally. This is what the Navy was attempting to do during the Philadelphia Experiment, twisting space-time in the vicinity of the Eldridge so that radar waves looking for the ship are deflected around it or get lost in the folds of thetwisted space-time. So it would seem that the Navy twisted things too much. And I think this has happened on the Island.

I believe that due to interactions between the E/M pocket and the exotic matter that the Island naturally does what the Philadelphia Experiment sought to do. Perhaps during the Philadelphia Experiment the eldridge was briefly transported to the Island and back, OR the Island was in the midst of one of its moves and interfered with the Experiment. Either way this was how the government first learned of the Island. After seeing that disastourous effects of the Experiment the government set out to find and destroy the Island, hence the use of Jughead. When the DHARMA Initiative starts up perhaps the government decided to use the DI as a front in order to learn how to utilize the twisting effect of the Island. So the DI eventually builds the Swan and causes space-time to twist to much resulting in sealing up part of the Swan and implementing the 108 protocol.

The pleating, twisting effect can be used to explain how the donkey wheel moves the Island. Perhaps it winds the Islands space-time up like a spring and then releases it. Just before the actual movement every space and point in the Islands existence would be touching, the resulting release of energy would then throw the Island to its new position. The time jumping we see in season 5 could be explained by the pleating and twisting not being full dissipitated and the Losties were traveling across the folds. Under normal conditions the Island’s space-time would be twisted just enough to conceal it from the rest of the world and cause a time differential. This would accoutn for why there is only one safe bearing to and from the Island. Crossing these folds would also explain the problems experienced by Desmond and Charlotte, their problems are similar to the problems the sailors on the Eldridge supposedly had.

Joseph Farrell’s book “Secrets Of The Unified Field” is a fascinating read and provides for a unique way of explaining some of the Island’s mysteries. I highly recomend it.

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14 thoughts on “Yet Another Twist – Einstien, The Swan, And The Eldridge

  1. it would be fantastic if the writers were using an event that supposedly happened in real life and were combining it with the fictional story of Lost. it would give it a more believable feel to it regarding the time travel if so.

    i think what you mention about the Eldridge interacting with the island is highly plausable. a really good theory and a good read!!!

  2. Achalli, very early on in Lost I was under the belief that ‘the island’ was being hidden in the same manner as The Philadelphia Experiment, and that the Dharma stations were set up to study the subjects, as was in the case of The Montauk Project.

    In part, this may still be true, but with more of a sci-fi twist to it. Because the writers have given props to Jeremy Bentham, and he was the creator of the Panopticon, (which are a replicate of the Dharma stations), I think there was/is an experiment being conducted on ‘the island’.

    So many twists and turns in Lost, and so many different influences the writers are drawing from to tell their story.

  3. Dabs, the Montauk Project is a creepy story and definetly has parallels to Lost. The scene with Karl in room 23 made me think of the Montauk Project.

    Through the book I based this theory on I discovered that a few scientest have designed and ran an experiment that they believe is a small scale version of what the Philadelphia Experiment. One of the things they were able to replicate was creating a ‘ship hull’ shape in salt water through the use of an E/M field. They also have an equation that may allow for teleportation. I keep finding a lot of things in this one book to explain a lot on the island and it is gounded in some scientific basis.

  4. First off, great research and information.

    Not sure I agree with some of your plot-related assumptions though, mainly, that the Incident is not THE Incident discussed in seasons past:

    1. The episodes are called The Incident pt. 1 & 2. I consider that to be a pretty big hint that we are watching the oft-mentioned Incident.

    2. Pierre Chang’s arm is severely injured in Pt. 2 of The Incident. In past Dharma orientation videos, while originally having a fully functioning set of arms, in the later videos he doesn’t use his arms and even has a prosthetic in one. This suggests that Jack’s attempt to detonate Jughead(aka The Incident), up to the point of Chang’s arm being crushed, is what always happened, thus nothing changed.

    With regards to The Island and The Philadelphia experiment crossing paths…I’m not sure that explains why The Frozen Donkey Wheel(a device which harnesses exotic matter and shifts the inhabitants of the Island throughout time) was on the Island centuries before, with hieroglyphics written on it no less.

  5. Achalli: You are really cranking out some good stuff lately! Keep up the good work!

    In response to risebysin, there is something bugging me about Pierre Chang’s arm. Maybe you can shed some light on it for me. How is it possible that in the Pearl orientation video Pierre has the use of both of his arm’s and the inside of the Swan Station and two of its occupants can be seen on one of the monitors behind him? If he lost his arm before the Swan was built how is this possible? And how can the Swan video and the Pearl video both have copyright dates of 1980?

    Could Pierre and the Pearl orientation video be proof that things are being changed and changed again until the desired outcome is achieved?

  6. Elsewhere….thats a nice catch on the use of Changs arms in the video.

    Thing is, that if you remember the arrival of the Losties to the island circa 1977, when they went in to recieve jobs…some of the videos were already playing if I remember correctly.

    I think that maybe the videos were premade with intentions of the swan and other stations that were being created at the time.

    I could be wrong, but I think I remember the videos playing in the background of one of the episodes.

    Not really sure if this makes any sense towards the cause here, but interesting at the least if I am correct.

  7. AES, I am fairly certain you are correct about this.

    I recall back in Season 3, that the writers did address this issue about Chang’s arm. Many of the videos were being shown, some with both of his arms, and with the prosthetic arm.

    Chang was also giving different names, so the writers stated, (if memory serves me), that some of the videos were pre-recorded.

  8. Risebysin, IMO I’m just not convinced that the incedent refered to in the orientation film is the same incedent seen in the season 5 finale. The oreintation film specificly states that the incedent that led to the sealing off of a portion of the Swan and implementaion of the 108 protocol was due to problems shortly after the Swan was operational, not before. My current view is that the incedent that is seen in the finale is one whose repercussions do not lead to the 108 protocol. So basically I believe there are two incedents.

    As to the Philadelphia Experiment crossing paths with the Island that is purely conjecture on my part, it’s not really needed for this theory. The possible effects of the use of the 1928 version of Einstein’s theory is. The twisting and pleating effect of the theory may be the basis for the properties of the Island.

    Regardless of what we ultimately learn in season 6 I’m just glad that this theory is sparking some good debate.

    Thank you all for your comments.

  9. Hello AES: The only video that I remember playing when the Losties arrive in 1977 was the video that Ben was watching when he arrives on the island 4 years earlier. We can also hear the same audio. I would also like to point out that when little Ben watches that video Chang is wearing a Swan lab coat. Which I didn

  10. elsewhere, I found the following information on Lostpedia regarding the Dharma videos that were shot using Dr. Chang in them.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Chang usually wore professional looking attire for his videos, often including a lab coat. The lab coat featured either a Flame or Swan logo.

    “In the Pearl video Chang appeared to have use of his left arm; however, in the Swan and Flame films, he did not, probably due to his arm being trapped during The Incident. In the Barracks video, he did not move his left arm, suggesting it might have been a cosmetic device. In the Orchid Orientation video, he was using both his arms. Since the Barracks and The Flame were already constructed at the time of The Incident, and only The Orchid and The Swan appeared to be under construction, it is possible that videos for these were re-shot at some point afterward”.

  11. Thanks Dab’s… I actually read that info on Lostpedia yesterday and it’s not really helping me with some of the problems that I see wth Chang… But, my anal retentiveness could be to blame.

  12. Ach.. Great post! as Dabs said this has been a long running idea discussed before there was ample fact to back it up.
    As Dabs said it was thought that they used the Unified Field Theory (I think it was XIV that I first read it from) You have put it together nicely with all the later season clues, The idea of the Army getting interested in the island and bringing Jughead to destroy it, Fantastic!
    Very well put together.

  13. JediRedeye, I’m glad you liked it. The Philadelphia Experiment has always fascinated me, and this latest book about it approaches it by presenting the possible scientific basis for it (that Einstein’s 1928 version of the Unified Field, although incomplete as a theory, was complete enough to be workable). It’s the torsion, the twisting, pleating effect on space-time and gravity, that makes this so useful to apply to the Island. The more I thought about it the more logical it seemed that the Experiment and the Island could have interacted at some point (perhaps the Island moved into the vicinity of the Eldridge during the Experiment).

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