What about me?What about you!? Help me please!

I need some help here.please! The above lines,when I first heard them in original language and not dubbed in italian, I though they meant: Ben:what about me and all the things I’ve done for you.Jacob:all the things you have done for me? In Italia those lines were translated like this: Ben: do you care about me? Jacob: do I care about you? So please give me more details on the true meaning of those lines because I’m a little confused and that moment was very important for the storyline.Thank you to anyone who will give me a little help.

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I'm from Italy and I am of course a huge Lost fan. Can't wait to have all the answers! I like misteries, science fiction philosophy and myths. Human nature has more or less been the same for centuries now and I do believe in free will more than destiny.I am a woman of science more than faith. Lost is soooo well written,well done and well acted.

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  1. I think it is understood that from Ben’s point of view he had been loyal to Jacob, and all it brought him was pain.
    I think we have to wait for more of the story to get a full understanding of what Jacob meant when he said what he said.
    It’s also up for interpretation.

  2. When Ben says, “What about me?” he’s basically meaning that he’s done everything that’s been asked from him, and he has received nothing in return. So he’s being a selfish brat, although I’d probably be acting the same way. Anyway, Jacob’s response to him is basically mocking Ben. So there’s really no love goin on in that room. I suppose the knife kind of exemplifies that.

  3. I took that exchange between Ben and Jacob to mean that Jacob doesn’t think that Ben is special just because he does stuff for Jacob. So Jacob was in effect saying “Tell me what you think makes you so special.” that’s my opinion.

    Wow, you’re from Italy. That’s what is great about the site, meeting all the different fans from around the world.

  4. Thank you for the help! You see, I haven’t spoken or written English for a long time and I think my brain is a little rusty but one thing is for sure: italian dubbed translation sucks! Coming back to the lines,I also thought that Jacob wanted to say: you were not following my orders but someone else’s. Just my opinion!

  5. Ben is but a pawn. but to who Jacob or the other guy. See Ben served Jacob and when locke was brought to see jacob he was mad because he wasn’t the one that got to see him of course ben didn’t know that it wasn’t locke and that it was the other guy that was with ben in the beginning of the last episode. see if you research jacob they speak of him having a brother named esua and the two of them didn’t get along. Jacob was always one up on Esua. So Ben didn’t know that it wasn’t locke and was jealous. The chance that Jacob is really dead? well thats where we wait for further information but in the end Jacob said they are coming. things are about to get heated on this show. I am still referencing bible quotes to see who they might be if they took it from the bible in the first place that is. thats my theory

  6. Firstly, pennyanddes, let me compliment you on your English. You write better than many native English speakers!
    To answer your question about the meaning of “What about you?”–on one level it seems that Jacob is belittling Ben and his anger at being “used” by Jacob. However, since we know that the Man in Black has been at odds with Jacob for a very long time, and will stop at nothing to ultimately kill him, let me ask another question. Is it possible that although Ben assumed all his orders came from Jacob, maybe they really originated from MIB, posing as Jacob? When you think of it, Ben never met Jacob and could have been duped by MIB very easily. And Jacob’s question really meant, “what’s your problem with me? What did I ever do to you?”
    This leads to the question of Richard Alpert’s role. Could he be working with MIB? Or was he duped by MIB also?

  7. Imisscharlie, I do agree with you that Ben could have been convinced by MIB he was getting orders and lists etc. not from him directly but from Jacob in order to use him in his long planned goal to find a loophole and kill Jacob. The main clue that got me to think so is that Richard Knew exactly the fact that Jacob was living at the feet of the statue but Ben thought Jacob lived in the cabin,instead. So, had Richard a part in MIB’s plan as well or,as you also asked, was he duped by MIB? I suppose Ben got his orders during his dreams, just like Locke did most of the time. Do you remember when Locke woke up after having the dream about Horace revealing him where to find the map of the cabin? Well, then Ben told him he used to have dreams too! What’s your opinion ?I ‘d really appreciate to know!

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