The guitar case again.

I rewatched the incident, and for anyone guessing what is still in the guitar case it might of simply been answered without anyone really noticing it.

Hurley says to Jacob as he is leaving “dude you forgot your guitar” and jacob says back “its not my guitar” so…obviously its just got a guitar in it. But now that raises the question why?

Why leave him a guitar? Why does Hurley take it with him? He wasn’t instructed to. He had no idea he needed to recreate the plane crash by having a guitar case.

I just really would like to know.

Also anyone notice the importance of this? Jacob called Hurley, Hugo? Know who else does that? Locke. He has always called everyone by their proper name. Same with Sawyer. He called him James when he met him at the church to give him the pen. Same with Kate I guess, he called her Katie. He didn’t call Jack anything. Or Sayid.

And also know what else is funny? The question what lies in the shadow of the statue. We know jacob is under the statue but that doesnt mean hes in the shadow. Ever wonder in the opening scene of the incident where MIB comes from? He walks up from behind the statue and walks away back behind the statue. Which is also in the shadow.

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8 thoughts on “The guitar case again.

  1. I always thought this: If the losties go back to the FIRST Crash(S1) then doesnt that mean this,

    Hurley plants guitar case on beach before plan crash.

    Charlie finds case and then doesnt have to trade his drugs for it

    Then claire doesnt want to be his friend and then he doesnt end u dying to save her!

    THIS IS TO SAY WHH(What ever happened, happened) DOESNT EXIST

  2. It’s nice to read a theory again that includes some good points. The ceiling hole in Jacob’s room (where the other foot once was) lets in light, so it’s kind of difficult to suggest that he’s in a shadow of any kind to begin with. Good point Surago

  3. Surago636, If you recall that Ms. hawking stated that as many of the same set of circumstances needed to be created for the Ajira flight, to resemble that of flight #815.

    The guitar case is a proxy for Charlie, being aboard Flight #815.

  4. Dabiatchishere, hurley wasn’t there for that. Jacob may of known this but to be honest with you I don’t even believe that what Ms.Hawkings said has to be true.

    Think of it like this. MIB is in league with Widmore and Hawking, they would only tell them all that so that Ben and Jack would make sure to bring lockes body back to the island which MIB would need in order to obtain it and thus convince Ben to kill Jacob for whatever reason.

    I mean if we are talking percentages here. Then in reality if they had to recreate the flight as close to the 815 flight they were probably only 2 percent of the way there. they were missing over a hundred passengers, the same type of plane, and all the affects as well. That statement Eloise gave just makes no sense whatsoever.

    Either way this just goes back to Hurley not knowing that. He wouldn’t bring a guitar back if not told.

  5. Oh and tortak, brillaint. I never thought of that. I thought of something similar to that, but nothing just along those lines.

    I can’t say i’d suscribe to that because of the time it would take to show all of it happen if all of that stuff would happen…but it would be brillaint.

  6. I don’t think MIB would want John’s body on the island as it is easy to prove he is not the real Locke so I don’t think MIB is in cahoots with Elouise or Widmore. Obviously Jacob’s buddy didn;t need Johns’ actual body to impersonte him. Whatever is in the guitar case will be of some importance. I’m still not convinced there is a guitar in it.

  7. I don’t think Jacob is “the one who will save them either”. I’ve been trying hard to find a clue about the man in black as I want him to be the good guy, something like the Arch Angel Michael slaying the dragon with his sword. Jacob seems to think he is God-like but he’s not as good as he seems. Thanks for pointing that out. Brilliant!!!

    The guitar: I think maybe it’s a samsara/reincarnation talisman and Hugo will use Alchemy to bring Charlie back. Charlie left his ring in the cot which would help his essence to be reincarnated in Aaron (reincarnation is not living inside someone else’s body it’s just aspects of someone’s personality like when people say a baby has his mother’s eyes and his father’s brains, that kind of reincarnation). When you have a baby you pass on your genes and your child likes all the stuff you used to like. But the ring was left behind (Sun has it now). (It was his great-grandfather’s ring passed to Liam and it was probably cursed as it made them into junkies) and they were okay when they took it off.

    There are other reincarnation talismans ie Sun lost her wedding ring and was very anxious to find it again.
    Kate’s toy airplane from her friend Tom. Why did she shoot people to get it unless she knew she could reincarnate Tom? And she didn’t want to be like her father Wayne.

    Eddie Mars – Marshall’s badge (which Sawyer took & his personality promptly changed). James means walks in his shoes and he changed his name to Sawyer and became a con man like Tom Saywer (who was Anthony Cooper).

    The pilot’s badge (Kate now has all of these items).

    Amy kept Paul’s key of life (Egyptian necklace) and Horace gave his body to the Others (which was very strange. Why did they do that?)

    Jack got a watch from his father his father never wore it because he didn’t like his father, ie grandfather Ray. Jack used his father’s shoes on Locke. Eloise doesn’t actually say to replace your father she actualy just says “who do you think” which could have another meaning.

    Then there is french guy Yves Montand (losing his arm clue) there are lots of clues about him being Ray Mullen (who had false arm) ie the film On a Clear Day you can see forever starring actor Yves Montand and the name Yves (means Yew and Ray means Ewe).

    The episode where Richard asks little Locke to look at the items and tell him which belongs to him already. That’s exactly like the story of the reincarnated Dalai Lama. Of course Locke picked up the knife which seems bad but could have another meaning (he needs it to kill the devil).

    Bea Klugh (ie big clue) was Michael’s wife Susan reincarnated and Ryan was Charlie’s Dad Simon.

    The GERONIMO Jackson poster 4 clues.

    Desmond saying “I had fallen in the street and had no idea how I got there and I woke up and met Brother ? and had a calling.”

    When you rewatch Lost the whole thing seems to have a completely different meaning now like they vaguely remember their past lives and they have all been on the island before.
    Their stories are like the Gods of Old (Ancients) the Greek Titans (children of the Gods). Especially Michael is like Actaeon or Tiresias who is reincarnated as a women. And Michael was blown up but Christian appeared and said “You can go now.” Mikhail Bakunin (if you look up his name (the real one) you will see he was a very interesting evil person). He was blown up too and Ilana seemed to be in a Russian hospital as if she had been in some battle (covered in bandages like she had been blown up). So she could be either Michael or Mikhail reincarnated.

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