All the Best Mysterious Men Have…

Ok, I have been trying to find some way to make this into some sort of theory, and it seems no matter where I try and find any sort of evidence or back up, I come up emptyhanded…so I will simply ask the question outright to see if anyone else thinks that this is even remotely possible.

The premise is there from the beginning of and throughout the show. Major character problems/issues (almost everyone on the island). The allusions to mythological/historic places consisting of kingdoms and royalty. The subtle titles such as “All the best Cowboys have Daddy issues” and “The Little Prince”. The corny Star Wars references.
Is there any chance, that after all the God/Satan, Jacob/Esau, blah, blah blah, that Jacob and his “Nemesis” may actually be a father and son…maybe even a king and a prince?

I understand there are not similarities in the physical appearance, but after all we have seen who knows if the two men we saw at the beginning of the finale were actually even the true form of the beings. And regardless, do they really have to be that similar for this to make sense.

The show has, for better or worse, revolved around characters making life changing decisions based on their parents, specifically their fathers, words and actions.
What would make more sense than the two men we see as rivals…or one anothers nemesis, in the long run actually be child and father, much like almost all the other characters who grace us with their back story on Lost.

As I said, I dont really have a leg to stand on with this, other than the major issues of the Losties that we have come to know, love, and/or hate.

On that note, I would love to hear feedback on if this could be a possibility, and if not…why?

Its undeniable that the parental figures have played a major role in many characters lives, so why have these two men be so different?

I know without proper backup it is almost sinful to place this in the theories section, but I am looking for a new approach to the situation, and help from anyone who may have anything to add.

This is a thought I have been sitting on since about a week after the finale, and feel that it may be something that has a shot at being one of those “how didnt we catch that” twists that could be thrown our way in the final season.

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24 thoughts on “All the Best Mysterious Men Have…

  1. wouldn’t work. Jacob and Isaac were close no daddy issues there it was jacob and esua his brother that had the issues. its not about parent issues I believe its about good and evil read genesis place the numbers to the verses of chapter 1 youll only pull off a few but youll read about light and dark day and night. notice jacob only came out during the day even when he went and met the losties before they came to the island. this is a good and evil story not a father and son also notice you havent seen the nemesis in his ill say true form since they set out and jacob eat fish. he was in the form of locke what about the monster is that but another form he takes and what of all the dead returning to visit the losties are they the nemesis ill call him esua for thats who i believe he is is that him in those forms charlie proves to hugo that he’s really there by slapping him. a ghost couldn’t slap you. I am willing to bet the monster the dead losties and all the rest are esua but I don’t think Esua and Jacob are what we need to concentrate on jacob said they are coming. They who ever they are seem to frighten Esua so therefore theres still something out that we should concentrate on perhaps its those trapped in the past and perhaps those in psst are the ones that can prove jacob right about what he told his brother he told esua he was trying to prove him wrong about man kind always ending badly. not enough pieces of the puzzle are reviled yet but I can honestly say I disagree with the father son theory

  2. I do not intend for this to be interpreted as Jacob and Isaac.

    Also, every major character with the exception of Sayid (remember the chicken killing scene) and Richard Alpert (if he is or was considered major) has some parental issue whether they are the child (more common) or the parent (seems to be the supporting characters role).

    Take the story as scientific or religious, from the pilot episode on, there has been daddy issues popping up everywhere…

    Aaron- Claire and Thomas.


    Kate-Thought to be stepfather, thought to be real father, and mother.

    Ben-Mother and Father.

    Sayid-Chicken incident.

    Locke-Mothers abandonment, and of course Anthony Cooper.

    Sun-Mr Paik.

    Jin-Shameful fisherman father, and Mr paik.

    Hurley-Fathers abandonment.

    JiYeon-Fathers thought of death and Suns island return/child abandonment.

    Walt-Mothers Death, Long lost fathers custody, and soon to be learned of death.

    Sawyer-Mothers cheating/loss of family money to con, fathers going crazy, killing mother and then himself.

    Shannon/Boone-Parents marriage/death.

    Faraday-Widmore/hawking…need I say more?

    Penny/Desmond- Widmores games/ disapproval.

    Miles- Chang?

    Alex- Rousseau/Ben

    Ethan-Horace and Amy (who I believe to be Amelia)

    Im sure there are more. The point is, that with all the parental issues that we have had…I dont see why this wouldnt make sense.

    I understand the disagreement now, and any that will follow due mainly to lack of evidence.
    But I am bored with the same old schpele, and feel that there will be more behind these two men than what we have seen and what has been theorized thusfar.

  3. AES: After that scene on the beach I was highly upset that we didn’t get a name… I thought at least they could have thrown us a bone and given us a hint to a name, something, anything…

    But when Jacob told Ben, “You can do what he asked, or you can go, leave us to discuss our… issues,” the same thought crossed my mind about them possibly being father and son.

    So yes, I think it is possible and maybe that “issue” comment was the bone!

  4. I just published a theory about that yesterday I don’t know why it is not displayed on the site yet!

    Basically I say that MIB’s name is Moses. He is the son of Jacob and brother of Aaron. When Ben says : ‘He gets straight up here as if he was Moses’, John Locke has a special reaction he’s like ‘Hey funny how he got it right!’. And in season 2, episode 10, when Claire tells Mr. Eko that she named her baby Aaron, Mr. Eko says : Ahh, the brother of Moses.

    Why does he look older than his own father Jacob than ? Simply because they are from the future, and when they time-travelled back to ancient egypt, they did it with a certain latency (Moses time-travelled in 2245 A.D. and Jacob time-travelled in 2000 A.D.) and from there they stopped getting older. This also explains why Moses can’t kill Jacob : They are in a time loop in which the island will not allow Moses to kill Jacob because he’s his father and that would eliminate Moses too because if Jacob die he can’t have a baby, Moses.

    Aaron was adopted by Jacob in 2200 A.D., time-travelled back to ancient egypt, and Jacob took care of him in ancient egypt and educated him. With his brother. Moses.

  5. AES, I think there is sufficient evidence to say that Father and Son issues is a ‘major theme’ in Lost.

    That this could transform itself to apply to Jacob and his Nemesis is not out of the realm of possibilities.

    The information you provided, more than substantiates this theme. I don’t think this is a theme that would not play a huge part in the overall story.

    I also don’t think we can focus on the age, or physical attributes of these two. Nor, can we focus on the language they speak. The ‘chosen’ language of ‘the others’ is Latin, which has been around since 8 or 9th BC.

    We may get some hint about Jacob’s Nemesis from the ‘casting call’ the writers put out; “A corporate raider looking to take over his next company. Powerful, devious and obtuse. He has a cunning intellect and a strong sense of danger”.

    The casting call for Jacob’s character is; “Former soldier. A leader of men. Smart but more than that

  6. Although I do think the show has had and will have a religious tie, I dont think it is going to be ONE religion.

    There are far too many references and clues into many religions and ethnicities through characters stories, symbols, and words to tie Lost down to one set religious group.

    I think Lost is about intertwining all the people of the globe and showing that there is a way for a more peaceful resolution to abide in a world full of hate and misery.

    Seperation is the key to loss, and unity is the key to survival.

    I imagine along with answers, the final season will hold many of the shows earlier morals, one of which will include “Live together, Die Alone”.

    The island religion that we know pre Jacob is more about Jacob than about “god” we know or religions that appear abundant on Lost.
    The real religion we see the most was an apparant worship by the others of Jacob.

    And now that their “god like” figure has fallen, they will have to make decisions and choices without an idol to worship for support.

    Will their goals change without Jacob?

    Moses is not Jacobs father in the Bible. But that doesnt mean that the man cannot be Moses.

    I really do think that we will learn of a a family relationship that is parent and child between the two. But I dont think that reading the bible will tell the whole story…

  7. AES, I have been saying for some time, that the writers are far too smart to align themselves with one or more religions and take a chance at alienating any of the viewers who watch the show.

    The basis of religion and spirituality are present in the story, but the focus has, and likely will remain on the philosophies, morals and societal ideals and values, which have been presented through the various characters namesakes and books which have been periodically referenced.

    Ultimately, the rest will undoubtedly be left up to the individual viewers to decide for themselves what applies.

    The writers consider Lost viewers to be intelligent and thoughtful, and quite capable of determining the deeper meanings, I believe. Especially, in terms of religion.

    Once again, very nice post!

  8. To start of A.E.S nice thoughts and because off them I went and watched the opening beech scene with daddy issues in mind but what I got from it this time is not father son but more uncle nethew, mib seems like a peaceful man and jacob acts likes a snotty brat that can get away with anything because his dad is the leader and no one can touch him that’s why mib can’t kill him, what I get now is maybe Jacob got the island to rule over off his dad and uncle mib was sent to keep an eye on him and he doesn’t like Jacobs leadership but he can’t overpower him and kill him because his dad will kill mib, so their you go theirs your daddy issues people will probly hate this idea but I thought I would throw it out their but again nice theory and ideas

  9. Hi Samson: Have you been watching “The Lion King? That’s the first thing I thought of while reading your comment. I always thought there was a reason why ABC was trying to make Locke look like Simba’s evil uncle Scar.

    Seriously though, that’s not a bad thought!

  10. Dabsi, I agree with you obviously on several religions consisting of the beliefs and morals on Lost. We have been speaking of this for quite some time in the same manner that we spoke that Lost is not just a show about science, or a show about only faith.
    Its a collaberation of several different religions, belief systems, and mythologies.
    Thanks for props on the post!!!

    Samson…I can see how the interpretation of the opening scene could leave you with a fsmily relationship, that is what led to me writing this theory about it being father/son related.
    I dont think it comes down to rule over the island though. I think that the ultimate direction of the show goes well beyond any sort of physical relationship between man and any object.
    My father/son theory stems from the parental issues of all the characters throughout the show having signifigance in the outcome of their lives.
    Although possible that it comes from an ‘extended family’ dispute, and immediate parental/child dispute has a more Lost feel about it than going into a family history between the men, although as I stated not impossible.

    The scar that Locke wears that mimics Scar’s “scar” is one that is often used in many cartoon/comic-ish settings to seperate them from the rest of the characters due to an unwanted evil/possession.
    This evil that is evident by the scar in Lost I feel does contain the same type of point behind it, and could very well have been an early season 1 clue missed or pushed to the back burner by some.
    Many videogame and comic villians carry a scar of this noticable obviousness for the same reasons, and I think that although it does show Locke was special from the beginning, I dont think that it will contain the answers to who they actually are, or how the mystery men are directly related in that sense.
    Lost promotes disney…but I dont think they buy into it that much.
    Good thoughts though, and I have to stick to my original theory and run with the idea that they are in some way related paternally.

    I posted this originally because after months now of monitering several Lost sites since the finale, not once have I read a theory that relates the two men with a paternal relationship, and am excited to see how quickly this thought catches on…

  11. I’d say it’s much more likely that they’re brothers. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t have daddy issues since they’d share a father…

  12. Brothers would make sense…Just trying to stick with the theme of the show on my theory that they are father and son…unlike the MANY “brothers”/Jacob&Esau theories out there…father and son is the thought here…

  13. What if they were brothers having issues with their father (someone more powerful and important) trying to prove him who’s the best in order to gain his love, approval or whatever? Of course I’m just shooting blindfolded here but you know i’m a parent too…Just for brainstorming here!

  14. AES: I’m with you… The daddy issues can’t and shouldn’t be overlooked. Personally, I think you are right on, but I also think there’s still too much room for a definite interpretation.

  15. I agree with room for interpretation at this stage in the game elsewhere.

    The idea that they are brothers is a novel idea as well…maybe someone should write a theory on it if it is believed so very much.

    I accept the idea of brothers from only their dialogue.
    Jacob seems in my eyes to be the younger if it is the case, merely by his “want some of this”, “look at the boat”, “want to know how”.
    MIB is almost bored with the scenario as if “OhNo…here we go again…”, as if he has seen it before.

    My problem with the brothers idea, the uncle/nephew, or any other family issue is this…it just does not fit the theme of the show from what we know about the other characters issues.

    As stated by highbrow, it would still allow a sibling rivalry of sorts, and a chance still at Daddy issues…but it just seems too easy with all the Jacob Esau theories that have run rampant throughout the Lost Theories worlds.

    As I am one who too often than not, skips the obvious “frozen donkey wheel” idea, and persues the “snake in a mailbox” idea, it makes more sense to me that after all we have learned about the characters pasts, that the two men introduced in the season finale of the next to last season would share the same strife that has plagued our losties from the beginning of the show.

    This is a subject that will go unanswered for quite sometime.
    With all the other ideas out there, this is the first I am aware of in regards to a father/son relationship as an explanation.

    I could sit back and dissect the brothers thoughts, but Im sure many have and will continue to do so. Therefor, I am persuing a new perspective on the situation, and am already well into a follow up theory explaining at least a little, of how this could play into the story more than any other relationship would.

    Thank you all for the comments, I take them with a grain of salt and two ibuprofrins.

    I leave the task of a theory on the men being brothers or uncle/nephews to the suggestive minds of the ones who left the comments. Although I allow the possibilty to exist, at least the brothers idea, I will take a stand next to this thought as I have all of my other brainstorms regardless of the outcome as I have done many times before.

    Any other ideas of how a father son relationship would work is more than welcome here to maybe set up a more detailed theory…Im all for a little teamwork to find answers…its live together or die alone around here these days.
    Best of luck in your progress, and I hope we can reach out and find some conclusive answers to SOMETHING before the end arrives.

  16. AES: I’ll be on the look out for that follow-up theory… And, any chance that you can spare a couple of those ibuprofen? I have a nasty headache right now, and I’m all out…

    As far as the daddy issues, do you see any connection between Ben killing his father, and the fact that Locke needed someone else (Sawyer) to do his dirty work for him. The same situation rings true with Locke/MIB using Ben to kill Jacob, that is, if Jacob is indeed MIB’s father…

  17. AES, I guess the overall point of your theory has been missed. And, that is, it is your theory and your individual take on the situation. How you choose to present it, and in what fashion you do is, your business.

    I know you are somebody who relishes in intelligent debate, so I see where you have become frustrated.

    I will make a very general remark, which needs NO follow-up by anyone!

    You are a respectful, thoughtful theorist, who puts a great deal of time and effort, and sometimes a great deal of research into your theories. People are free to disagree, but should substantiate their differences with an equally well thought out response and/or argument.

    Recently, there have been instances of people being very disrespectful to other members. Perhaps, they have not read the site rules.

    There are many different types of theorists on this site. Some write many theories, others write fewer. We are a large, multi-cultural group, from every walk of life, and have different reasons for posting here. The one thing, we all share in common is a tv show named Lost.

    Some people write very serious theories, and others tend to write theories which are more on the lighthearted side. We all need to be sensitive to the various kinds of posters who are members.

    In a word, it is called basic respect for ones self and others!

  18. I apologize sincerely from the deepest of the deep depths of my being for my disrespectful tone.

    AES, I totally hear you. I think you’re getting a little frustrated with certain theories that pop up over and over… such as the Jacob/Esau theory. While I’m still going with brothers on this one I’d like it to be known that I do not buy into those. Personally I think the show will be more about Lost and less about the Bible. The name Jacob led some people down a path but when they find out his buddy isn’t named Esau they’re going to be Lost (ha ha)…

    You’re completely right though, daddy issues are a central theme to the show and that certainly won’t be abandoned. We’re going to learn exactly why Jacob and Otherguy are rivals and I think it will have something to do with their relationship with their father… As for them actually having a father/son relationship I think it’s definitely an original idea and certainly not outside the realm of possibility but I didn’t see anything in their interactions with each other that was father/son-like.

  19. Frustrated hell, Im bored with it.

    Since the moment we saw MIB, I hear Esau, Esau, Esau…Yeah, Its possible…anything is possible on Lost…

    …its also possible that Jacob was an egyptian king…and that smokey was the guardian of the underworld.

    Or that Jacob is Aaron and Walt is actually somehow MIB.

    They are timeshifters…

    I get the ideas, and Im actually fond of a few of the things I just mentioned.

    And you know I can take your disrespectful tone……but I get disagreeing with a theory, its just that sometimes a theorist rolls with a change of heart mid theory…and sometimes they dont.

    I really am open to expansion on the possibility of them being brothers. Seriously.Its just that there are other places for that for the mere reason that there is nowhere else I can discuss this. The how, the why, and especially, the why not if that makes any sense. I saw it sparked some attention, and I really dont want it to get buried…just yet at least, lol…

    Im still making my mind up, and I dont mind if the brothers theory wins the race, but I would really like anymore ideas about this to be discussed before I am done with it here.

    I agree with one thing for sure. The show is based on faith and science. Also very much on literature and pulp culture. But it wll have a Lost ending that I can only hope that nobody including myself can theorize correctly…but Im a sucker for a challenge.

  20. Hey A.E.S. very good ideas here! Although we haven’t seen the theme of brothers fighting on the show the book The Bad Twin was about sibling rivalry.
    Daddy issues are a very apparent theme on Lost. I am not one to say much about the theories I write as they are mostly just bs that I don’t put much research into but I did just pose somethimg in the questions section as to what is inside the temple. Maybe Jacob’s dad can be found there?

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