Prediction for Series 6 [Possible Spoiler]

Jack wakes up in some time perhaps with the Ajira’s or not, I think he might land in the jungle like in series 1 and see the Black Rock come so far inland because of WHAT THE LOSTIES DID right towards where the Swan Station will be built but will stop and rest how we’ve seen it before. And then he might recognise Richard possibly trapped and then save him and looks shocked because its the Black Rock and then walk out and see the statue. Possible….Just wondering what you guys think??

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13 thoughts on “Prediction for Series 6 [Possible Spoiler]

  1. This is the second most difficult read I have ever come across. I guess there’s an extremely slight possibility you’re right though.

  2. I think its quite interesting. We know that Juliet and Charlie wont be as main characters in the next seasson so this is a possible solution. Nice

  3. Yeah but the Purge doesn’t really need to be looked at…Black Rock would be amazing and the statue could have been blown down with dynamite and thats what the conversation between MIB and Jacob was 🙂 (In the episode when tehy are skipping through time and they see the Orchid station Locke looks at something far away this could be statue in 1974 though 🙁

  4. The writers said it will be Series One-ish so maybe thats why?? They’ll have to live on beaches again AND then we discover more about what ever was on Blast Door Map 🙂 Magnus Hanso ect….

  5. when the post it read my theory called laugh cry get angry it’s a theory but if its right the directors told the truth why will be the question. and all the rest of the theories won’t matter anyways.

  6. We see Jack lying unconscious in a hotel room and we hear voices whispering. He wakes up, looks at himself in the mirror and his hair is as short as in episode one and he’s wearing the same suit. He finds a woman unconscious on the floor, he calls 911 but when he is asked where he is he answers:”I don’t know”

  7. i cannot see that happening at all.
    sorry but damon lindoff denied there would be any time travel in season 6, therefore I feel that the Purge and the Black Rock may only be addressed in Flashback, perhaps with Ben and Richard respectively.
    and pennyanddes i’ve seen that video clip on youtube!
    bizarre or what??
    and when jack looks in the mirror is that condensation from his breath or is it a different face he sees?
    my laptop resolution isnt the best so i’m not sure…

  8. You see, I’ve had the same idea while I was watching that there was the reflex of another face in the mirror but I thought it was just my imagination. Who knows? I’ve tried really hard to see who the woman on the floor was but I couldn’t figure it out. She looked to be a blondie(Juliet?)but she was really impossible to recognize.Did you have the chance to watch the spoiler with Locke,too?That was even more bizarre! Actually I’ve bumped in two spoilers with Locke and either were very promising, in a dreadful way!

  9. Samson, I really am new on using the computer and I don’t know if I am able to find them again. I was just looking through the sixth season spoilers and BAM there they were! If you think it can be a good idea I can write you what I watched but I imagine I would spoil other people’s expectations. Those were really very much revealing spoilers!Anyway now I’ll try again to see if I’m lucky and then I’ll let you know if my research is successful!

  10. Hi Samson! If you are still interested I have found one link to that spoiler (I guess that’s beginners’ luck!). Here it is and what you need to see starts after a short summarize of season 5. Please, I would appreciate your response on that (if you succeed in watching it tell me your comment).
    Hope you enjoy it!

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