MIB’s name is : Moses

This theory might be sooo right or sooo ridiculous. I don’t even know what to think about it. Here it is :

– MIB’s name is Moses. When Ben says : He gets straight up here as if he was Moses, John Locke seems to have a special reaction like : Hey, funny how he got it! Also in season 2 episode 10, Claire says to Mr. Eko that her baby’s name’s Aaron and Mr. Eko answers : Ahhh, Moses’ brother. So that could mean MIB is Moses and that he is Aaron’s (Claire’s baby) brother… somehow… maybe not biological… and bible says their father was …. Jacob. Again Jacob is probably not the biological father of Aaron but I think he’s gonna adopt him (WTFFFF?!?). Yes and time-teleport him back to ancient egypt …

– This is completely ridiculous, how can Jacob be the father of MIB, he looks much younger.

– I think that Jacob will create MIB with some prostitute in 2200 A.D. Then Jacob will come back to ancient Egypt through controlled time-travel, and MIB will follow him like in 2245 A.D., and from there they will stop getting older such that Jacob looks younger than MIB but he’s his father.

– OMG.

– That would totally explain why MIB can’t kill Jacob himself.

– How does that explains anything ?

– Well, temporal shifts and time travels are known to create time loops that are impossible to get out of if you’re at the origin of the time loop itself. The island IS in fact able to control who kills who – it often did in order to keep the structure of the universe – Michael trying to commit suicide but not succeeding is a good example. So we’re in front of the same phenomenon here : MIB can’t kill Jacob by himself because Jacob is his father and if he kills him before he sleeps with that prostitute in 2200 A.D., it means that MIB disappears too. This is time-loop 101. For some reason, using another person like Ben is O.K.. That’s how you get out of a time-loop on which your life depends, you need a 3rd element. That’s time-loop 102 I guess.

That’s about it. MIB’s name is Moses. Jacob is his father.

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13 thoughts on “MIB’s name is : Moses

  1. LMAO. It would be funny if you were exactly right with this, with the prostitute and everything. The look that fake Locke gave Jacob when Ben mentioned Moses was definitely interesting. I personally figured it was more of a look saying, “well, looks like Ben got our timeframe down.” As in, Jacob and MIB have been around for about that long at least, and perhaps they knew Moses. It’s a rather long shot to say that MIB is indeed Moses (I know you’re just throwing ideas out there), however, what’s to say that that one instance wasn’t our only real clue from the writers to let us know who MIB truly is? There’s a reason for everything in this show, especially during intense and epic moments like that. Everything should be examined very closely since the writers and producers spend so much time making EVERYTHING perfect in a season finale they know everyone will talk about for the next 7 months….kind of like what we’re doin.

    The more I think about it, the pause that MIB gave when Ben mentioned Moses, and the look he gave Jacob, I’m wondering how you CAN’T be right. He may very well be Moses

  2. Jj23, I saw your comment in AES post, so I was intrigued to read your theory!

    I agree that one cannot attach age, or physical attributes to Jacob or his Nemesis. I think that would be rather pointless and meaningless.

    If we are to subscribe to the biblical notion, that they are in fact biblical figures, Moses and Aaron seems to fit in better with the characters on Lost, more than Jacob and Esau do.

    I like the idea that this rivalry could be something more than sibling rivalry, and that it could be a father and son rivalry.

    I also believe that this time-loop effect has been happening for quite a long period of time.

    As for the remainder of your theory, there are aspects of it, which are worth considering.

    Very creative!

  3. This is an interesting theory. I would like it if lost tied in all the father-son imagery. But, unless their were two Jacob’s in the bible Jacob is not Moses’ father. His great,great,etc. grandfather maybe but not father. Jacob had twelve son’s, one of which was Joseph who was sold into slavery into Egypt. Ultimately Jacob brought his father (by then called Israel) and his brothers to Egypt where the ‘Children of Israel’were later enslaved for 400 years. Moses then led the Israelites out of Egypt and slavery.

    I’m not sure if this could relate to Lost at all. Maybe MIB is Joseph. Joseph could interpret dreams and predict the future. And he became the powerful assistant to the Pharaoh. Only after Joseph and his Pharaoh died did his decedents become slaves.

    I did have a thought that Locke and Jack could be descendants of Jacob and MIB. So Locke could still be Moses.

  4. Although I do agree with the father son aspect, as you have seen in my theory “All the Best Mysterious Men Have…”, I have to disagree with the idea of Jacob and Moses.

    Exodus 6:20 tells us the names of Moses’ parents are Amram and Jochebed.

    Moses was floated down the riverbank by his mother and found and raised by the Pharoahs daughter.

    Jacobs children were Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, daughter Dinah, Joseph, and Benjamin.

    Aaron was his Brother, but their parents were still Amram (father) and Jochebed (mother).

    That I feel still doesnt mean it will take away the full religious aspect, I just dont think it will follow one religion. More likely a blend of many, or even an unknown or undiscovered true religion.

    This type of promotion could lead towards a more mutual understanding between the variety of religions and ethnicity that is the Lost world that we know.

    There has been too many references to other religions than just Christianity for me to put all my chips on one number.

    Great thoughts here in your theory towards a direction that I think may be the correct one.

  5. Oops I was mislead by the Wikipedia page which seemed to indicate that Aaron and Moses had a father named Jacob (and I assumed he was their father since he was the last one in the list which is not very clear but yeah now I see Father: Amram).

    Anyways I still maintain his name is Moses. It’s just that Aaron has to be replaced elsewhere in the story.

  6. I personally like the idea of Moses being placed into the story somehow.

    Benjamin seems to have a recent knack for quoting storyline important religious figures. First his story of Thomas to Jack and now this to Jacob.

    I have been waiting for the name to appear (but thought it would be cheesy…and I was wrong), ever since I did a little thinking regarding Ekos “stick” and Aron and Moses’ “Rod” which were to my knowledge covered in a scripture not unlike the stick of Mr Eko.

  7. well lets leave the biblical aspects out and lets look at your theory the problem is a time lapse theory wouldn’t work for the writers it would be to obvious and they would have already expected somebody to give that due thought. But don’t get me wrong love the idea of time travel being the answer but Jacob and the MIB didn’t seem to have that father son attitude think about it even though Jack hated his dad he was still for lack of better word cowering or respecting him. Where as Jacob didn’t even get up when the MIB walked up. Then there’s the fact that the MIB said you brought them here when refering to the ship and the only reason the MIB had come out in the first place was because there was a ship. Think of this also if Jacob lived in the statue since that far in the past then who lived in the Cabin and a father and son would more than likely live together even though they had differences. To me there’s not enough grounds for a father and son relationship psychologically a father and son that didn’t get along wouldn’t meet up to talk about fish and ships. lol. They would stay seperated until they worked the problem out. Where as a good relationship would not lead to a father telling his son you know how much i want to kill you. There’s something more to it then that. I also have a problem with the Moses theory due to the fact nothing what so ever points to Moses being any part of this. We also lack any proof that religion has anything to do with this story besides being mentioned. Why after five seasons of leaving you in the dark would they give religious ideas then out of the blue tell everybody nobody will expect what is going to happen. It’s to easy. Perhaps you should think less religion and maybe more mythology. They called the black cloud cerburus at one point. That would mean the guardian of hell. There’s a Jacob in mythology as well I’m still reading up on it before I speculate anything but the statue if dated properly would lead you to the mesobatamian time frame (forgive spelling I suck at it.) Anyways that time frame equates to the time frame of Atlantis. If you disregard the story of Atlantis sinking and place what jacob and the mib had to say about those that came to the island when the were out on the beach. Something along the lines it always ends the same killing destruction etc. Lets rotate that to what Jacob said yes but that only happens once in the meantime progress. Not that that is even remotely correct just a thought don’t stick to any idea of religion being the final play here I think the directors and writers gave you religion as an out to keep you guessing as they have done for the last five seasons. The answer is more than likely not in front of you and the outcome will more than likely be so far off the wall and off the path they have set. I want you to think about one key thing I have learned from lost. The title LOST is not refering to the island, or the others, or dharma, or the castaways, or anything to do with the show I believe the idea behind the title LOST was you the viewer would remain lost until the very last episode. Any easy answer they give you is more than likely not the answer. Trust me I was all about the religious idea even the numbers equate in the bible but in the end nobody really knows. Perhaps the numbers were all part of an episode in Hurley’s head and he’s crazy and this whole thing is in his mind. We won’t know for sure until the very end. Perhaps this whole thing will end with a camera looking around a padded room nothing there a window a doctor on the other side saying it’s time for your meds. Perhaps they will make us the crazy ones. Think about how jacked up that ending would be.

  8. one more thing on that real quick what if jacob is the name of one of the writers? no bible reference at all. what if this whole thing is all about the viewer. I like that thoery. think I’ll submit it. The viewer is the lost

  9. I’m positive that MIB’s name could be Moses but I agree with Jscohrii that there’s no byblical reference. I think Jschorii has a theory alike Neverending Story where Oliver, the reader of the book, was also the main character of it .

  10. @pennyanddes Yeah anyway let’s leave out the biblical frame, as I learned Jacob was not the father of Moses and Aaron. Anyways

    The idea is : MIB’s name is Moses and Moses can’t kill Jacob directly. Why if he’s not his son ?

    @ jschorrii

    You’re going too far. I think in 16 episode the writers will have to solve the mystery in a very simple way with elements that have already been given away.

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