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I’m not sure I can handle anymore theories that showcase a comparison with Lost and an old book or bedtime story. There are so many occasions in this show that will present to us a situation where someone is reading a book, or will show a book laying somewhere, and there have been countless theories written by people that have read one of those old books that has a subtle similarity to Lost. There are specific examples of certain books that, yes, have striking resemblances to Lost and when I see those theories, I think, “neato”. As it has become apparent by now, this show is in a world of it’s own. Lost seems to have more references from the Bible over any other book out there, and I’m sure some ideas came from other books, stories or sources, I mean even the episode titles commonly use themes from old stories, I get it. I also know that me typing this is as big of a waste of time as the theories about how similar Lost is to “Alice in Wonderland” or whatever. I’m sure it’s fun for people to be creative and really REACH to find similarities between Lost and, you name it. If I wanted, I could write a full on theory on how “Fight Club” or “Candy Land” is just like Lost. But I wont. I don’t care about 12 page theories that just because the word “Dharma” is in an old book, we have to hear all about it. It’s almost a little disrespectful to the writers I would think. Don’t you think they would like to be known as original? There is no way the writers would stick a predictable ending on this show. What do we even really know about this show? There’s a bunch of people on a messed up island that timetravels, has a weird smoke thing, and there are a lot of opposites everywhere like good/evil, black/white, up/down, lame/cool, alive/dead etc. Harry Potter’s good, he who shouldn’t be mentioned is evil. Uh-oh, good and evil! I hope you see my point. Getting the point out there was the biggest thing for me.

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So......I guess LOST was a good show.....WAS a good show.

11 thoughts on “Gotta Get Somethin Out

  1. I agree with you when you assert that the writers might have inspired been by the bible,by ancient myths,by books etc. but sometimes we go deep too much into analyzing every single detail, trying to figure out all the answers. I simply think the writers did a very good job in developing a story mixing several elements together in order to entertain us but they knew from the very beginning where the story line was going to end. They worked basically on stressing the characters personalities. on their lives and on their redemtion, progress or development caused by the events they are experiencing.

  2. exactly right. It’s good and fun to try our best to analyse the details in the show too, since we never know if we’re being thrown a major hint of some kind. The “reaching” is was gets a little old though. I was having a rough day when I wrote this.

  3. just remember that no matter where the journey leads you but how you get there and what you experiece along the road (I don’t know if it sounds right to you, I have translated straight from an Italian proverb).Now that I’m writing it down it sounds familiar… it only ends once and what happens before it’s just progress…
    So let’s enjoy the show and I guess when it ENDS we will surely miss it a lot!

  4. Interesting take. The show only ends once, everything before the show ends is just progress. Never thought of Jacob refering to the show. LOL, but it makes sense. That’s a good thought

  5. Sorry about that PennyandDes, LOL stands for “Laughing Out Loud”. I was laughing because what you said was like an epiphany to me. Anyway, It’s something I use a lot and I have a hard time remembering that not everyone knows it.

  6. Here, here. How many more ways can someone say this is about Jacob and Esau. Everyone was posting theories one day and then here comes the incident. Everyone starts writing different theories. Now comes COMICON and everyone will start to write different stuff. Then after the first episode, everything will change again, and different theories will emerge.

  7. Chiefof16 sorry about my ignoring the meaning of LOL but I’m glad to know now and I’m glad that you have a good sense of humor. On my experience everything in life should be taken looking at the bright side of it.And of course, Ban-Linus, mine was not a theory but just a joke!

  8. Well Pennyanddes, it’s refreshing to see someone else that appreciates a sense of humor. Lost is a TV show. I’m just as willing to dive into the curiosities that this show portrays as everyone else is, but when people aren’t willing to have a good time with their own theories, I say “Go outside and throw a football around” (or kick a football depending on your country). I take this show seriously, but like you, I want people to lighten up a bit.

  9. Maybe the writers understood that people would take the books as having clues to the show and were/are promoting reading. They wanted to share the books that they loved and influenced their writing with the rest of us. I’m a reader, I learned to read before going to school. I’ve read many of the books mentioned on the show before Lost ever started. But it still amazes me how many people don’t read books. So if they get just a few people to be more literate I think that would be a good thing.

  10. You have a real point there Angus, I’m not against reading or anything like that, and I wish people, especially kids, would read more than they do. So if that’s the intentions of the writers, I’ll send them all a smiley face card in the mail.

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