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I took a class when i first went in the U.S. Navy I’m long out now but I remember how to do theory analysis but first let me explain theory analysis is the concept of taking numerous theories about one topic picking out key points made from each theory and being able to draw up a conclusion or what might happen. nine out of ten times theory analysis can conclude the outcome of something correctly. So here’s what I am asking. Can the Lost fan group that uses this site all the time write up some theories that cover all of losts key points and how they think lost will end and what exactly has and will happen. no theory is stupid or should be disregarding it is actually those theories that are further off the beaten track that a lot of times give some of the most key points. If you would type up your in depth theory to in cover all of lost instead of one thing that has happened I would like to sit down with your ideas and conduct some theory analysis I promise to tell you what I come up with in conclusion to exactly what your theories shows is more than likely going to happen. Just so you know I am not looking at ending scenarios when I look at your theories I am digging deeper then that by seeing how your key events from the show equate to the ending you theorize. The more theories I get the better chance I have of placing the key events into a time line and a better picture of the events that I or others may have missed can prove or disprove a theory. Wouldn’t you rather know if you missed something that disproves your theory and be given a chance to retheorize the outcome then to keep your thoery to yourself and find out in the end you weren’t right? Think about the outcome when the final season ends and how awesome it would be to have concluded the results before hand.

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X US NAVY know to study patterns and find reasoning amongst that does does seem to have a reason.

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