Simple as “Black & White”

After reading a whole bunch of theories, re-watching some episodes and considering my own theories in the past few months – I have finally come up with my own!

Why do we automatically assume that FLocke is evil? Because he wants to kill people? (Jacob, Ilana, Bram, etc)

Who has heard of Sodom & Gomorrah – God was not considered to be evil, only punishing the sinful.

As of right now we have no reason to believe that Jacob, Ilana or Bram is good or has any better intentions for the island then FLocke does.

I believe that both Jacob and FLocke love the island ‘ they just have a different point of view on how it should be exposed to the rest of the world.
They have as Jacob mentioned ‘issues’ ‘ I think it is not a case of good and evil, just two different and powerful points of view.

We have all been obsessing over ‘Black & White ‘ Good & Bad’ but I think black and white has been a bigger clue all along, it is really just as simple as Black and White.
It seemed to me that when FLocke shows up at the beach in the beginning of the finale to speak with Jacob that they have regular meetings ‘ they were having a pretty casual conversation until FLocke mentioned how he wants to kill Jacob.

FLocke is also very nice to Sun. His agenda was to kill Jacob for god knows how long ‘ and he is sitting here comforting Sun, saying he promises he will get her back to Gin. Maybe he was trying to fool everyone into thinking he is Locke, but he only really needed to fool Richard ‘ so maybe he is just a good guy and he thinks what Jacob is doing is wrong! It is because of Jacob that Gin & Sun have been separated in the first place.

Time Loop ‘ Killing Jacob

I think that everything that has happened, happened before. This is how Jacob knew to go visit all of the losties as children. All six seasons have already played out, all the losties have a role to play in the big picture and Jacob does not want to stop trying until he gets the picture right (making progress).

Maybe last time when they set the bomb off, that is what caused the incident ‘

OR last time they did not set off the bomb, the incident happened on its own and Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hugo, Sayid and Gin, etc were all killed in the purge.
Richard did tell Sun ‘I remember these people very clearly because I watched all of them die.’ He said very clearly which makes me think he is not referring to the entire dharma initiative ‘ but Jack, Kate and Hurley ‘ who she pointed out in the picture.

Whatever the case ‘ it happened already, and Jacob wanted to make sure that when it happened again, he could bring them all to their present. He made it that way by touching each of them (causing a connection that none of them are aware of, using it at the right moment to bring them all together). As far as we are concerned Juliet was never touched, she may very well have died in the explosion. He probably did not have this last time, which is why FLocke was shocked that Jacob just threw him a curve ball this time around.

They’re coming

Why do we all assume that this is the losties? After re-watching some episodes I realized that it has FLocke that gave the order to bring everyone back in the first place. In the season 5 premiere Locke is jumping through time, getting shot, he thinks he is the leader at this point, Locke says to Ethan ‘I know who you are, your name is Ethan, you will find this very hard to believe but Ben Linus has appointed me your leader’

It is not until he has a very strange visit from Richard (which we have seen from the Flock point of view at the end) that he is told he must bring everyone back and die! Richard was given these instructions by FLocke!

Eloise said the same thing to Ben and Jack ‘ everyone must go back. She may very well be influenced by FLocke or just decides to side with him. We still do not know why she was sent off the island.

Now it is possible that FLocke only told Richard to do that because he knew it was the only way for him to get back, but consider this ‘ he may have Locke’s memories, but Locke has no clue WHEN he was when Richard arrived. FLocke knew because this had already happened, and he has been watching John Locke, waiting for his chance to have someone John trusts (Richard) give him instructions.

I am not sure if Jacob and FLocke are gods, the island deities or just eternal beings ‘ but I do not think one is good and one is evil. I believe that everything already happened and since Jacob started it with the Black Rock, he wants to finish it the way he feels is right (making progress) and FLocke just wants him to stop. Anyone ever consider that FLocke said ‘They fight, they destroy, they corrupt’ seems like he wants to protect the island and Jacob wants to play games, FLocke has again and again tried to prove Jacob wrong ‘ telling him to ‘stop playing with peoples live for your own amusements.’ Now FLocke just wants to stop Jacob, no more proving him wrong it is enough already. FLocke can only end the cycle by killing him and therefore ending the loop.

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7 thoughts on “Simple as “Black & White”

  1. the one in all caps?

    I see what you’re saying, that Jacob and his brother (Esau) have been feuding whether mankind can be civilized, and one is just trying to prove the other wrong. The game has been going on for so long that Esau is just pissed off and wants to kill Jacob, but for some reason needs a 3rd party to do so. Probably because the two are linked and and one can not destroy the other.

    This being said, its a good theory, but I do not like the idea that they are pulling all strings.

    I think Jacob is sitting back and watching, hoping we make the right choices – like life is a game to him. And everytime we screw up he tries again, but does something different each time. This time he made first contact with all the O6 (NOT EVEYONE -ONLY THOSE WHO LEFT, AND HE DID SO BEFORE THEY LEFT, not hurley and sayid) to create a connection between them. This connection is describe in my theory above.

    I beleive who you this is Esau, is sick of allowing Jacob play this game. He hates the fact that Jacob brings US to his island. and the only way to stop Jacob from doing so is so kill him!

  2. FLocke or Esau, whatever you want to call him was probably living on that island just fine – no evil plans to take over the world.

    We all saw how he only came to see Jacob because of the ship. Jacob offered him food, said please sit, they have obviously known eachother for a long time.

    I do not think he hates Jacob or wants Jacob off the island. He hates what Jacob is doing

    “I don’t have to ask. You brought them here. Still trying to prove me wrong, aren’t you?”

    Jacob keeps this game going and going just to prove a point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I basically completely agree with this theory, I wrote a similar one recently (I’m so sick of hearing that from other people, then I say it to you, sorry about that) Anyway, I think Flocke has good intentions, and Jacob bad. Therefore, when Jacob says “they’re coming” regardless of who it is that he’s refering to, they’re probably not coming to do a whole lot of good to the island, and I think whoever it is, Jacob made it happen. In other words, I think that when Jacob died, something on the island changed in Flocke’s favor. Possibly peace on the island (whatever that means) or the end of the time loop, all good things though. The show could have ended there. HOWEVER, when he says “they’re coming”, we are potentially talking about some pretty wicked people. There needs to be some “evil” or major problems occuring in this last season, to give the viewers something GOOD to hope for on a weekly basis. Whoever is coming will be on a rampage of disaster, it might be some subtle things just to keep the loop going, but it would all be in Jacob’s favor, which means, it wont be in our beloved Losties favor. Well written theory though

  4. Im just a bit worried that whatever happens, no matter what theory anyone throws out there, it is all going to end with Jack waking up on the beach as he did in the pilot episode! If it does happen then im going to be so so so disappointed with the writers, i really can see it happeningthough! Creating the loop illusion that no matter what you do on the island, no matter how hard you try to change the fate of the island, it will all end up back at the start. You cant mess with TIME, it will find a way to correct itself, it will always find a way to reset, time is endless and that is what theory the writers will stick with

  5. Chief – I know I kind of contradict myself in the theory a little bit but it is only because I am really not sure.

    I say Jacob touched them all (O6) so that this time everything could play out different. He could probably transport them all to the present at that moment he said “they’re coming”

    But I also say that FLocke gave the original order to bring everyone back, so how much of a threat to him could they be.

    UNLESS – he does not know about Jacob’s personal visits!!!

    Either way – when THEY do come, he is going to pretend to be Locke and Sun is going to expose him.

  6. Not sure they’re feuding. Consider Jacob/MIB’s discussion is really …

    “There is no replacement.”

    “I can’t give up.”

    “I’d really like to help you out, bro.”

    “I know.”

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