They’re coming

I think what Jacob meant my “They’re coming” was the Black Rock.
I’m not sure if people have said this before, but it could make sense because he ‘could’ have been on the Black Rock.

I think Richard will be there with Jacob on the Black Rock as it lands on the island.
Also, if you see John/MIB’s face after Jacob says “They’re coming” he looks suprised or worried.

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2 thoughts on “They’re coming

  1. Hi Pez123! Could you tell me on what basis you assert so ? If Jacob was on the island when the Black Rock arrived, how could he have been on it? Or maybe I didn’t get what you said? In my opinion Jacob says”they’re coming” referring to Ilana and Bram as we know he asked Ilana to help him when she was in hospital. Another possibility is that our losties are travelling in time again and they reach the ones at the feet of the statue but you know, anything can happpen in Lost! Waiting to here your opinion!

  2. In that scene with Jacob and MIB at the start of the finale, we don’t know if the ship we see is actually the Black Rock or not, but to honest, it most likely is. If it isnt, then what I meant is that Jacob arrives on the island whilst on the Black Rock with Richard on board (which would be before the scene Jacob and MIB talk on the beach)

    This whole theory was just an idea that popped in my head and I thought I would send it in. It had no research besides Jacob being on the island long ago and Richard being very old.

    But I think you are most likely right about Llana and Bram or the Losties are the ones that are coming (And yes, I have thought that before, and it seems like it would be right)

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