Shouldn’t Evil Locke have known where Jacob lived?

Going on the assumption that Evil Locke is the gray-haired man in the beginning of season 5’s finale The Incident.

I season 5’s finale The Incident. When Richard showed ‘Evil’ Locke the place where Jacob lives (inside the statue) why was ‘Evil’ Locke surprised? Shouldn’t he have technically known where Jacob lives since he’s the evil guy in the beginning?

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8 thoughts on “Shouldn’t Evil Locke have known where Jacob lived?

  1. AMIAlive, this is one of the best questions, that I have heard in a long time!

    I have pondered over this many times, and have not come up with any conclusive answer! I also thought it to be very strange that of all people Jacob’s Nemesis would not know where to find him!

    I read that Jacob did live in the entire statue before it was destroyed. We don’t know how long ago that was though. Considering that when the Black Rock was about to arrive on ‘the island’, it was still standing in its full glory, it would have been in the last couple of hundred years.

    Perhaps, during this time, Jacob temporalily lived elsewhere and at the same time, his Nemesis was made prisoner in the cabin.

    It’s pure speculation, but all I can think of. Perhaps, somebody else might have a better idea. Let’s hope they do, anyway!

  2. We also have to figure out why the cabin Horace built has been known as “Jacob’s cabin” with the ash circling it. When Illana goes in there during The Incident she is under the assumption that Jacob will be there (remember earlier in the episode he comes to her and asks for help-so she clearly knows him). Why would she go to the cabin instead of the statue???

  3. Good question laurencake. you are obviously one of the more intelligent people that watch this show. that question has been bothering me so much. thinking back, i think the episode The Incident has created the most questions out of any individual episode.

  4. I also think it’s a great question… the only thing I can think of is that if Evil Locke just walked right up to Jacob’s statue without asking where it was Richard would know that something was up before Evil Locke could get inside… so he had to play dumb to not arouse anybody’s suspicion… My guess anyway

  5. This question was posed awhile back. I don’t think anyone came up with any real answers then either but you might want to try and find the old post.

  6. I beleve evil Locke did know Jacob lived in the statue but it wasn’t his plan to just go their and kill him he had to manipulate ben into doing it and that’s why he used Richard to make ben even more cross (being marched straight to Jacob like Moses as ben says) he also wanted all the others their to for what reason we do not no yet.

  7. Yeah, he did know where to find Jacob but he didn’t want anyone to know he did… he wanted them all to think that he was John Locke and why would John Locke have known that Jacob lived in the statue? If “John” had told Richard “We’re going to the statue to see Jacob” I’m pretty sure the already skeptical Richard would have been all “Ok, who are you really?”…

    Also, he needs Ben and I’m sure if Ben knew more of what was going on he also may have been able to figure out that he was being manipulated… maybe he wouldn’t have killed Jacob and obviously (yet for as-of-yet unobvious reasons) Stubbles can’t kill Jacob himself. He needs Ben to do it and for that he needs Ben to believe it’s Locke he’s dealing with so he needs to only let on that he knows as much as Locke would know.

    He also might have needed the Others to come along for a reason we haven’t seen yet. I wonder what the scene will be like next season when Focke walks out of the statue… will he try to get the Others to follow him now that Jacob is dead? That could be an important part of his plan… Now when he comes out though they already feel like they can trust him and who is going to argue with him? Richard? Who knows how much the Others actually trust Richard anymore? Ben is probably ready to follow Focke now and Jacob is on fire.

  8. I do agree on the fact FLocke could’t show his knowledge or else Ben and Richard would have realized there was something going on. I guess he wanted the others to follow him (the fact they all agreed with him on the intention of finally meeting Jacob is a proof) because he wants to strongly confirm he is the leader and that he is acting fortheir own good, that he’s on their side and that he wants to change things for good. No idea on what’sgoing to happen when he gets out now that he knows that”they’re coming” but he surely his former planned was to take control, that’s why he needed everyone’s being on his side.

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