Anthony Cooper

How did Anthony Cooper, John Locke’s presumed biological father, get to the island?

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5 thoughts on “Anthony Cooper

  1. I think Ben just sent someone off island to bring him. He said he was in an accident and then just woke up on the island. As seen with Juliet, her boss was killed [that’s what it looked like to me] by the others so she would come to the island. They probably ran him off the road and brought him there. Ben had the files on everyone and once he found out that, not only did he screw locke out of a kidney but he was also the reason that Sawyer’s family is dead that would be too good to pass up.

    My thoughts anyway…

  2. The island is hell. Anthony wasn’t jokin. So he died and that’s how he got there……. I wish I had a serious answer, I’d go with Holtamania’s for now

  3. I agree with you – it’s also important to remember that Ben had to sacrifice his father in order to get respect from The Others / he made Locke do the same.

  4. What if his father wasn’t really there? Smokie has the ability to take on other forms and Ben controls smokie. Maybe he was just using it as a test for Locke.

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