well, my extremlyclever title, is actualy an amalgumation of lost and holiday.

its strange and almost ridiculous how obsessed with lost i actually am

basically, i went on holiday for the past week, to a little island in the Outer Hebridess in Scotland called Barra.
on the first day, my girlfriends father, told me of a rock, that had only twice ever been climbed unguided by ropes. needless to say, i was determined to climb this rock.
when i got there it was a horrendously large rock about twenty to twwenty five feet high.
i was beginning to find my path up the brute, when in the corner of my eye, i saw a huge Black horse. just like the one we see in lost. im told shorlty after this that it is a famous horse of barra from a long line of horses owned by the family of Compton Mackenzie. Seeing this horse, and with Lost in my mind i began to make my way up the rock. i failed, in fact, i jumped off slipped in some sheep faeces, and hurt my coxis, tail between my legs we climbed down the mountain.

that is all for now. there isnt anymore.


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20 thoughts on “lostiday

  1. losts-columbo, my, my my, how I have missed you, my Scottish lad! I do hope your all clean now, and your coxis is on the mend! hahaha lol

  2. missed you to dabs, i did think of you when i was away, and how much you would have loved the place i was, it had so many connections with lost, or maybe that was just me being silly.

    my coxis is definently on the mend, i can sit on my arse now without getting up!


  3. losts-columbo, nice to know I was on your mind! I bet the countryside is quite beautiful there. I think of the greenery, and hills. And, the stillness. Sounds, so very peaceful.

    Glad you’re back and able to sit on your arse! lol

    That’s about all I am able to do! I had a wee bit of a mishap myself! I slipped on the kitchen floor, and broke my ankle last week and I am in a cast. I would love to walk or run around right about now.

  4. ooohh nnnooo!

    you have a brokn ankle! uuuuhhh ohoohhh!

    im sorry to hear that your now a invalid! but you might be bale to enter a hopping conest soon, i hr theyre looking for a strong willed canadian on the national team!

    i think your in business!


  5. haha lol losts-columbo, Oh, I would make it onto a team right now for sure! Yes, it would involve hopping and somebody who is strong willed, Canadian and delirious with pain! lol

    I can barely hop around the house. lol And, everyone is calling me ‘hop-a-long, btw! So, cliche! They better watch out, when I regain the use of both legs. hahaha lol

  6. Losts-columbo, it’s amazing how the Island keeps its hold on us when we return to the outside world. I’ve been having a series of run ins with the number 8 lately. The number I got up in my profile is the latest example. I got it from a Prisoner related site and if you add the numbers up the way numerologists do you get 8 as the answer. I think your run in with the Island is better though. Was the rock you were climbing black by any chance?

  7. I wondered what the numbers represented, Achalli. So, you are number #8. Hmmm, I will have to come up with something brilliant!

    PS: losts-columbo, I do hope your full recovery will be swift. I wonder if we fell at the same time! If so, you placed the ‘hex’ on me. lol

  8. hi hoppy!

    you can beat those nasty neighbours with your cast when it comes off, have you got everyone to sighn your cast? ive never had the pleaseure of having a broken anything to have that treatment……your so lucky! ahah!
    it is quite possible we fell at the same time! loads of strange things happen to me, so i wouldnt be surprised!

    Achalli, i find your run in with thr number 8 very interesting. although it hasnt happened in a while becuase i seemed to have controlled it. But, although this may sound a bit odd, about a couple of years back now, everytime i looked at a clock to check the time, it would aways be 11minutes past the hour, and i mean everytime! i got so obsessed with it, i convinved my self it was for a reason. but after a while i sort of realised that i must have been really good at my body clock, perhaps subconciously, but it was an odd time!
    the rock i was climbing wasnt quite black haha! but it was a very ndark colour!


  9. Dabs, the number is Prisoner related, it’s a Village assigned number that I got from It’s a cool site that is related to the AMC miniseries. It just surprised me that when I added the numbers up I got a Lost number.

    Losts-columbo, have you seen the film “The Number 23?” It’s about this very phenomonom (not sure I spelt that right).

  10. losts-columbo, I guess I’d better get used to being called Hoppy for awhile! haha I’ve been called much worse! lol

    I won’t let anyone sign my cast, but I have allowed silly ribbon to be placed on my crutches, and some decorative stickers on my cast! lol

    This sucks! I am taking notes on who is being naughty and nice, though! lol

    Here is what is going to absolutely blow your mind about the numbers on the clock and your watch.

    11 past the hour is highly significant! Not in terms of numerology or anything like that, but in a scientific manner. I discovered this in some of the research that I do.

    The number one pertains to ‘the self’. The number one also is the highest on the scale of numbers in terms of power and control, and relates to your personal chi/energy and level of control. Keep watching! lol

    When you are made aware of this in terms of ‘timepieces’ on a consistent basis, you are experiencing a high level of personal power and control. 11:11 would be the highest!

    More useless information from my brain, but it’s true. I thought you might find it interesting, and if I ever recall what link I found it on, I’ll refer it to you.

    Tailbone injuries are painful, so watch your butt! haha lol

    Achalli, that is fascinating that the numbers from The Prisoner, add up to #8. I’m afraid to do mine, now!

  11. Lol dabs poor you, you didn’t slip on the kitchen floor practicing to throw your scanties at me while I sang tom jones songs to you did ya mrs Delilah

  12. Dabs, now I understand why you asked about the bunnies. Do you have a number on your cast? No wonder you had enough time to see what Kelvin and Stu were doing. lol. Anyways cool information you provided about the number 1.

  13. lol Samson, no, but it was actually thinking about you singing Tom Jones, that sent me flying for a loop! hahaha

    Yes, Achalli that was why. I was reluctant to admit my stupidity at the time!

    No I don’t have any numbers, yet!

    We definitely need to get losts-columbo involved in our ‘follies’, though! He’d be a great addition! I’m almost afraid! lol

  14. Me singing tom jones well it’s not unsual ( sorry it had to be done ) and don’t say it sent you flying for a loop on this site people will think you are stuck in some sort of leg breaking paradox cycle you can’t escape from what happened to whatever happened happened lol

  15. oh dabs, what horribly contrived people there are in this life, abusing your temporary demise into feebledom! at least after your redicament your anlewill be invinsible!!!!!!!!!
    Also, very interesting on the number 1. however i have evidence to disprove it, as in the time in question for me, when i was experriencing this strange 11 minutes past the hour, and i did have a few run ins with 11:11, i was being dismissive about my course in uniersity and i later dropped out and moved back home to my little boring town, so i can safely say, i was not powerful then! but maybe it was a powerful wake up call!

    Achalli, i havent seen this film, bt i will look it up!
    may i suggest a film for you to, and dabs will stand testiment on its importance in understanding lost, and more so john locke, and the mystery off him being dead and alive!


  16. losts-columbo, yes alas, feebledom it is! lol

    I am certain my ankle will disappear should I be further challenged during this trying time! I’d start with you, but you’re in enough pain in that area already! hahaha lol

    Yes, exactly a powerful wake-up call. I assure you, it is true. And, remember it was the choice you made, so had to be coming from a place of power.

    Achalli, please take losts-columbo’s wise advice and watch Primer! Anyone wishing to understand what is happening and what will happen with Locke in Season 6 on Lost, will benefit from this movie!

    Samson, I just got this really weird vision in my head about Carlton, from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air dancing! lol

  17. OMG I have seen Primer and didn’t make the connection to Locke. It’s all becoming clear now. It must be the sub OJ and possum souffle that has dulled my mind.

    Losts-columbo, you may want to check out several posts I did in the ‘fun’ section. Dabs and myself have been amusing ourselves at the expense of DHARMA. The posts are “A Letter from DHARMA to the Others,” “DHARMA Data: the DHARMA Initiative Newsletter”, and “Kelvin Inman to The Powers That Be.”

  18. Hahaha dabs that how I learned to dance studying carltons everymove on frresh prince you should see how it goes down in all the clubs everyone forms a circle and chants your name haha

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