Are we sure of the time frame?

I just realized something. At the beginning of the incident episode, Jacob and fella are sittin there lookin at the ship in the distance. The ship is inside the island “bubble” right? Then who is to say that we are in fact looking at a scene that takes place within the past 200 or so years? Our losties just “landed” on the island 30 years before they were expecting to. It’s 1977 for them, instead of 2004 (or whatever).

First of all, I never saw any evidence that the ship that Jacob and MIB were looking at was indeed the Black Rock to begin with (although it probably is). Secondly, how do we know that the ship didn’t just cross into the island’s bubble into some timeframe close to the B.C. period? As in, it jumped back in time a few thousand years? The statue is perfectly intact as well, almost looked freshly sculpted, indicating that maybe that scene is in fact taking place a VERY long time ago. It really doesn’t matter much what year it is during that conversation between the two guys, I know. It’s a little interesting to think that we could be seeing the island thousands of years ago during that scene though.

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So......I guess LOST was a good show.....WAS a good show.

11 thoughts on “Are we sure of the time frame?

  1. Thanks for the reminder of it being 2007 for the Losties, (I forgot 3 years had past, it was a weird 5th season). This post isn’t really a big deal anyway though, it wont ever matter what year it is that we’re looking at. I’m saying it could be ANY year though, not just the blackrock time frame. If I’m not making sense, someone slap me or something

  2. I’m pretty sure it was made clear it was supposed to be long ago. Especially if that ship is the black rock it would put the time frame to the 1800s.

  3. Yeah, I don’t think the timeframe is really all that important and certainly everything we’ve seen happen on the island could be happening in just about any timeframe so long as the things we’ve seen happen on the island happen in the correct order. The Blackrock and flight 815 could have been separated by 700 years off island and only 20 years on island, so long as the ship landed before 815 from the point of view of the island.

    I don’t think the actual year is important… just the order things happen in and the general amount of time that passes between events…

  4. Right……On earth, away from the island, the Blackrock was up and running around the 1800’s timeframe. Here’s the possible catch!! – THEN it travelled into the island’s area, or bubble. When the ship entered it (during the Jacob and MIB scene) how do we know the island we are looking at is around 1800?, When people enter the bubble, it can throw them back in time! I can’t explain this any better, and again, it’s not a big deal anyway

  5. Right, I get what you’re saying… it could be in the past or it could be in the future… all that matters is that it’s just enough ahead of 815 to have decayed to the point we’ve seen it at. It could mean nothing but it could be significant…

    How we seen any hint of the Blackrock in the 1970s? What if the Jacob/Stubbly Guy conversation took place in the 1980s and the Blackrock hasn’t been on the island all that long?

  6. Yes, your theory can somehow be proved with the episode of the doctor who was still alive on the freighter but already dead on the island. Even when Faraday sent a rocket or something to the freighter it arrived there later than expected. When Desmond and Sajid were on the elicopter their trip was not very long but when they arrived on the freighter on the island the time elapsed was much longer.

  7. Thanks Highbrow, now I know I’m not crazy at least. Good point on the amount of decay necissary for what we’ve seen, possibly 200 years worth of decay. What’s weird is the ship is in the middle of the island. There was either a 500 MPH wind out of nowhere, or something else brought it inland. Aside from that, what if you are right about the Jacob and fella conversation being in the 1980’s? That COULD mean that there were Blackrock survivors on the island at the time 815 arrived, if there were any survivors at all. That would also mean the the statue was still properly erected in the 1980’s though, and I don’t know if that’s the case.

  8. Right, we haven’t seen what the statue looks like around that time and we didn’t see the Blackrock (or the place it was sitting) during that time period either.

  9. Yeah it may not be 2007 on the island. It’s hard to say and I’m not sure it even matters. The only evidence we have that some time has passed are the condition of the Black Rock, Adam and Eve, and the Statue. There are probably more but thats all I can think of for now. Time does seem to pass in the normal way once you are inside the bubble.

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