It’s about time for an answer!

We are 5/6 through this show so to speak. I believe that, given how late we are in the show’s lifespan, we can figure something out if we try hard enough. By now, we all know what the smoke monster has done, what it’s capable of, and possibly it’s general purpose (judging). Maybe we should seriously look at what it HASN’T done though, and try to justify why it hasn’t done those things in order to figure out it’s origin. I’m fed up with it. Everytime I see this thing on an old episode, I’m thinking “Oh no, what kind of mysterious and obnoxiously crazy thing are ya about to do this time Smokie?” and then it does something crazy and mysterious of course, and it gets on my nerves.

So let’s look at what it HASN’T done. Smokie has never stopped and looked at Jack. Jack, at one point, was the leader and main character of this show, and I believe still is. Smokie gives John Locke all the attention in the world in the first season. It saw eye to eye with John at least once, and it tried to drag him underground in the season 1 finale for whatever reason. Where we are now though, with the show almost over, Jack still has not been judged by the smoke monster from what we have seen. Is there a reason for that? Was he judged as he was laying on his back immediately after the crash? Some think so. I don’t. Does it have something to do with his own dad being seen everywhere? We know Smokie was Alex in the chamber with Ben right? So it can “do” dead people, that’s a fact.

Perhaps Smokie judged the 815 pilot before Jack, Kate, and Charlie had arrived to speak with him in the pilot episode. That might explain why smokie was so quick to ending the pilot’s life when our losties arrived there. It judged Eko, then at a later date, killed Eko. Almost like how it probably judged Locke, then tried to kill him by attempting to drag Locke under at a later date. Ben might be the next victim since Smokie just recently judged him.

Smokie’s been around forever though. A lot of people think it’s MIB, some even think it’s Jacob, I’m a believer that it’s its own being. It seeps out of an ancient temple. A temple that the Egyptians once resided or worshipped in a very long time ago. Then there’s good ol’ Ben who was able to summon it and was able to control it for a while. Would MIB or Jacob let Ben do that to them? Doubt it, hence Smokie’s in a world of it’s own. I think we all agree that Ben’s a pawn, not an island ruler…..This isn’t really going anywhere, just a lot of repeated questions really. I had all these excellent ideas in the shower about an hour ago, now I can’t remember a damn thing. Sorry. I’d refrain from submitting this “theory” but I’ve typed too much by now to let it all go to waste. Besides, I want some answers on Smokie, and maybe someone has something. If we can think backwards a little bit and think about what Smokie has NOT done, I think that would help

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So......I guess LOST was a good show.....WAS a good show.

4 thoughts on “It’s about time for an answer!

  1. ‘Smokie has never stopped and looked at Jack’ – this is accurate based on all the events we have seen. Back in the pilot episode though when Smokie is chasing Jack, Kate and Charlie, Jack dissappears for a few moments, apparantly he dived into the bushes/trees. maybe im reading into things a bit too much but i’ve always thought that Jack just dissapearing seemed suspicious.

    Nearly every other time somebody dissappears (eg. when Paulo came out of the toilets in the Pearl station), a few episodes down the line we see what happened to them, but with Jack we never find out so maybe he did have an encounter with the smoke monster.

  2. I_Am_Jacob, you’re right about that scene when Jack disappeared after saving Charlie from Smokey. I supposed he could have had a face to face meeting with Smokey.Who knows? But there’s more about that scene: I remember what Charlie told Kate while Jack was missing. Kate asked him “What happened?” And he answered “I don’t know, we were dead, I mean, I was dead but then Jack came back and saved me…” Doesn’t it sound weird?

  3. Very possible. Jack is (or was) the type of guy who would see the smoke monster and completely remove that encounter out of his memory, because it would have “had to be an illusion”. Mr. science himself would be in denial of what he saw, or simply too embarrassed to tell everyone. OR he never encountered it and that’s why he never mentioned it. What else has smokie not done though? that it could have done, but didn’t

  4. I agree that at season 5 of 6 you should have an answer but if you watch the directors video about season 6 you’ll here them say one key thing that makes me believe it’s impossible to know anything that you don’t already know. You just have to speculate they say everybody thought they had it figured out in season 1 then in 2 so on so forth all the way to five but in the end everybody has come to find they were wrong because we never gave you all the information. Do you really think they gave you all the information to figure out smokey they would have let you know already if it was possible to find out. all we can do is speculate.

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