miles and claire

in the episode “something nice back home”…..did miles hear claire?…..was claire dead?…..she said “i feel better, i’m not seeing things anymore”….miles asked her what was she seeing….sawyer interrupted him…..then from a distance he’s staring at her very strangely as if he’s too far to hear her….maybe i’m going into this toom uch but what do the people think?

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7 thoughts on “miles and claire

  1. I read a blog somewhere that believed claire had died when her house blew up at the barracks. it makes sense miles would be the one talking to her

  2. I think that maybe Claire had such a bad head concussion after the blast that she died during the night (don’ask where her body is, same as Christian’s body?). When we saw her in the cabin she was far too normal,almost happy for being a mother who abandoned her child. Then during their runaway from Dharmaville, Sawyer was overprotective on Claire versus Miles so I guess she hadn’t died yet. Am I making my point somehow?

  3. pennyanddes

    I see clearly what u are saying…but it doesn’t explain why miles was staring at her so strange….and it doesn’t explain what claire was seeing…and unless we all can tell the future we don’t know what claire was seeing….and why did miles ask her what was she seeing….sorry if i’m confusing u…..but lost itself is confusing at times

  4. Yoy see, booglost, I’m just trying to understand whether Claire had already died in the blast or was going to die later for cuncussion, or maybe she didn’t die at all, we are just throwing ideas here. Maybe Miles was just worried for her , maybe she had visions caused by the hit on her head, maybe there is a deeper reading in that scene . Lots of maybees… I’m really so glad I have found this group of Lost fans, you see, I’m from Italy and the people I know don’t watch it so I can’t share with them my love for this show and, of course, I can’t exchange opinions or theories. I’m very new on this site and I’m so excited about it that sometimes I forget to cook dinner. Sorry, this had nothing to do with Lost. all out there do really write good theories or questions etc. I’ve learnt a lot and hope to give my best as well!

  5. lol…wow….o.k i’m new on here too…lots of smart people on here too..i enjoy reading theories also..hope u enjoy the site..i have so far

    lol..about the dinner

    and wow u are in italy?…i’m in brooklyn new york

  6. Great, Brooklin, New York! I’ve been there and I loved it. Sorry but now it’s dinner time here and I have to go or else my husband is going to starve!See you!

  7. Hi! I am new, so please bear with me :).

    Since the airing of this episode, I have also thought that Claire had a severe head injury, and died in her sleep. I think almost everybody agrees that the smoke monster is capable of appearing as ‘dead’ people, so when I saw her in the cabin with her dad (Christian and he is dead also), I was sure that she had died.

    Plus, as many have said, she did not act like herself, in the cabin. She never mentioned Aaron, and knowing Claire, and how much she loves that baby, it was very strange, to me.

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