Sawyer is his own fathers con man

This is more of a thought than a theory and I posted it more fore fun and to start some different thinkning rather than serious dabate.

I was watching some promos for lost season 6 on you tube and saw one that made me think of something weird. What if Sawyer got off the Island in 77 or 74 (I forget when the facts happened), but what if he got of the island and went back to doing what he does best. Grifting pretty women out of cash and he comes across his own mother whom he might not recognize as his own mother being that he was so young and maybe some kind of weird side effects from the time traveling and winds up playing his game that he does so well on her.

 I just thought it was a fun little take on things if not for just making you think of new ways the show might go. This was my very first post so do your worst…thanks.

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One thought on “Sawyer is his own fathers con man

  1. Hi bunkum, I haven’t been able to get your theory out of my head. Although, we can be fairly certain Sawyer does not leave ‘the island’ in the 70’s, I do have full appreciation for your creative thought process.

    It’s obvious that the characters are tied in some way, according to their pasts to one another. How ironic would it be that Sawyer kills Anthony Cooper, and he somehow is Anthony Cooper in an alternate reality.

    Yes, a bit far-fetched…I know. And, I am in no way suggesting that this is what I believe. Lost isn’t straightforward. In fact, it is quite complicated. I like to read theories that make me think…This one did!

    Keep those creative thoughts flowing…

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