I always thought that the the whole “Vincent is Jacob” deal was ridiculous. But I just re-watched the pilot and now I think that it’s obvious. The way scenes were shot from his point of view, the way he watched the Losties like he was gathering information and also protecting them…Vincent the dog did die, the Vincent we know on the island is the first example we have of the “reanimated corpse” effect that later affects Locke, Christian, Alex, etc.

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6 thoughts on “Vincent

  1. Hey mrslinus700, congrats on being the first member to post theory and get the site rolling again!

    I suppose we are to infer from the picture of a dog in Jacob’s cabin that Vincent might in fact, be an extension of Jacob. It makes the most sense, especially because animals have a heightened sense of awareness.

    I have also thought at times, Vincent might also be an extension of ‘the smoke monster’.

    The fact that he is currently off with Rose and Bernard does puzzle me though.

  2. perhaps vincent is the connection between the cabin that rose and bernard live in and the cabin that the shadow of the statue crew look at for information…he hasn’t been here for a while they said.

    but i agree there is something up with vincent. But remember the mobisode showing christian instructing vincent to wake jack up right before the pilot? how would that fit in?

  3. I know that there is a lot of circumstantial evidence for vincent being Jacob/Nemesis/Smokey but I just don’t by it. Especially with the mobisode that Ekolocation mentions.

  4. I don’t think Vincent is Jacob, but I do think that he is a very special dog with a higher intelligence than most. I don’t think it was a coincidence that he ended up in the care of Walt – two very special beings together.

  5. I have always thought that the idea of Vincent being Jacob is very plausible. I remember watching the pilot, with the scene where the losties are climbing into the cockpit of the plane, and the camera focuses on Vincent in a weird, awkward way. If MiB can take over John Locke’s body, then why can’t Jacob take over Vincent’s body. Here is the only problem. The producers said Vincent will remain alive until the end of season 6, but we have already seen Jacob die (supposedly). I have a good feeling that a character like Jacob would not be dead so easily, especially because the show would need a main protagonist to use to provide much of the islands history and someone to stand up to MiB and let the losties know what his motives are.

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