Who brought Dharma?

Jacob brought the ship. Was Dharma brought, too? If so, by whom? Is it part of a loophole – or a big con? (Thanks for helping me think this way bunkum.)

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6 thoughts on “Who brought Dharma?

  1. waycurious, great question! I’ve been wondering how Dharma got to ‘the island’ for some time now.

    The writers have stated that they will address how Dharma came to be on ‘the island’ in S6.

    I have little to no speculation on the subject myself. One of the only things that I am certain of is, Dharma was given permission by somebody to come. Just not sure who that somebody was!

  2. Would it be safe to assume that that somebody was not connected to the Others? Also, I think Nemesis would be a good canidate as it would help further his plans along in the future.

  3. My guess is that Magnus Hanso is the captain of The Black Rock. His family will live on the island for along time until Alvar Hanso is born, leaves the island, starts the Hanso Foundation (similar to Widmore and maybe Paik) and inturn wants to use the island for his own benefit and sends a project team called the Dharma Initiave to check it out.

    If you all remember, Big Tom left the island, Ben has a shitload of passports, Richard is seen off island, so is Ethan. Widmore was banned for leaving to much! And Michael left who didnt know shit!

    They all knew how to get back so Alvar Hanso probably sent the entire Dharma Initiave there in the first place, he may have been banned same as Widmore.

  4. Alvar Hanso (descendant of Magnus Hanso from the Black Rock) had a relationship with the De Groots and Dharma. It was his family who had the ledger from the Black Rock which seems to have instructions / directions to the island (I think that’s why Widmore wanted it so badly).

  5. If it was Alvar, then could Dharma be what Jacob ultimately wanted?

    Or, was Dharma a (MIB) glitch creating an alternative that required Desmond to be brought and ultimately not push the button which brings the losties who then must go back in time, fix the Jughead problem and do whatever to course correct …

    and only end once.

  6. Don’t know how who bought them. I suspect Mib did. I also suspect that while he thought he was creating an opposing force to the others he wasn’t. He was reacting the way Jacob thought he would fullfilling Jacobs need for the D.I. Without realizing it. More to come on this soon.

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