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So, as I’m undertaking my lost rewatch, I’m on season 2 for the fourth time… I realized that there has never been a discussion of the fact that Jin has been separated from the core group of survivors to survive on his own on at 2 different times on the island. He was first left on his own when Walt was kidnapped from the raft, he then met up with Sawyer and Michael. Later he was separated during the time flashes, but he eventually ended up w/ Sawyer, Juliet, Locke, and Miles. Why do you think this is? It has to mean something…

I don’t think Jin is dead, as is acting as a Focke, the reason for this is simple we have seen his time flashes experiences to explain what happened to Rousseau and the french scientist. I would love to hear everyone’s opinion on this one…

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  1. I think it’s part of Jin’s character. He is always chasing something, looking for something. He can never quite find or “earn” what he is looking for. This is true of his life off island (not being satisfied with being a fisherman’s son, moving to the big city, falling in love with the unattainable Sun, working for her father for so long to be worthy of her, trying to escape and getting caught by mr. paik associate, then on island he is constantly being separated from sun and trying to find his way back.

  2. Maybe – like other character pairings that don’t seem to work out due to death – Charlie/Claire, Sawyer/Juliet, Charlotte/Daniel, possibly even Ben/Annie – Jin and Sun aren’t meant to be together, whatever that means.

    But now that I think about it …. maybe like Jack and Kate who aren’t together but also aren’t dead (as far as we know) – they are meant to be together, whatever that means.

  3. Hi Sinster, I like your thoughts about Jin. I think we can place Sun in the same category as her husband.

    Jin was out of the radius of ‘the island’ when the FDW was turned, so ended up in a different time frame initially, before catching up with the other ‘losties’ in 1974.

    Sun, did not flash to the same time frame as the other #316’ers, presumably because she didn’t have Jin with her. Although both of these instances have been logically explained, I do feel that there is something different that applies to Jin and Sun in the overall situation. I just don’t know what that is though.

    Nice to see you back!

  4. By the end of season 4, 1/2 of the seasons ended w/Jin on an exploding boat.

    Maybe he represents an affinity to the water, since he was raised by the fisherman and survived the water disasters …

  5. I don’t know… I still think something is up w/ Jin… and I really hope we find out more about who is mom is, and know there has to be a link to his relationship w/ the island as well… We only have 2 months boys and girls…

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