The Island can only move (or be reached) on the Ring of Fire

I think we’ve had numerous hints that The Island is somehow connected to the Ring of Fire — the area of increased volcanic activity in the Pacific Ocean (

Specifically, my theory is that The Island can only “move” (whatever that really means) to points located along the Ring of Fire.  Alternately, The Island doesn’t even exist in our space-time dimension, and “windows” to The Island only open along the Ring of Fire.

Some hints about the Ring of Fire from seasons 1-5:

1) Flt 815 was near Fiji when it crashed.  Fiji is in the ring of fire.

2) Eloise Hawking’s church and the Lamp Post are in Los Angeles.  LA is in the Ring of Fire.

3) The staged 815 wreckage was placed in the Sunda trench near Java, in the ring of fire.

4) The Oceanic 6 were “rescued” after landing on an island near the Sunda Trench.

5) The freighter was last ported in Fiji.

6) Nuclear weapons tests in the 1950’s took place on Pacific Islands loacted in or near the Ring of Fire.

7) Polar bears are from the Arctic, and the ring of Fire passes right through southern Alaska.

8) The listening station that detected the sky turning puple was likely located either in the Antarctic or Arctic.  If it’s the Arctic, that’s definitely in the Ring of Fire.

9) A submarine was used to get to and from the Island.  A submarine might be able to descend into an ocean trench, which is a very common feature in the Ring of Fire.

10) Mysteries of the Universe Part 5 says a Dharma food palette accidentally dropped onto the Isle of Tonga, which in the Ring of Fire (although unsure if this is canon).

So why is the Ring of Fire special in the Lost universe?  Three ideas:

1) It just is and that’s that.

2) Consider that ocean trenches and oceanic volcanoes are places where the Earth’s crust is particularly thin; they’re places where there is only a small amount of crust separates you from the Earth’s mantle. Maybe a thinner crust allows the Earth’s natural magnetic field to come through more strongly.

3) The solidified rocks deep in oceanic volcanoes actually incorporate some mantle material.  Perhaps there is something inherently special/magical about the Earth’s mantle in the Lost universe.  The Orchid orientation video alludes to “exotic matter”, and maybe the mantle is full of exotic matter, and just a little bit of it solidified in the extinct volcano on the Island and that’s where they built the Orchid station.

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My Lost-mania has grown exponentially as the show's revealed its sci-fi roots, particularly the connection to ancient societies. When they looked up and saw the whole statue after the time jump, my facial expression was the same as the characters'. Finally, I've never been good with screen names... Rick Deckard was the main character in Blade Runner (great film).

12 thoughts on “The Island can only move (or be reached) on the Ring of Fire

  1. I kike this theory. You did a good job laying it out. If you take a look at the map in the Lamppost I do believe that the majority of the markings are in the Pacicfic.

  2. Wow. Excellent job!! All I got out of that video was the Vanilla Cookies, beer, and rum (I disagree w/narrator here, as these clearly are humanitarian aid.)

    You certainly are vigilent and aware.

  3. hey, good ideas. really like it. The crust however, is only thin at the trenches. I’m pretty sure I learned that the crust is symmetrical, meaning where there are mountains, the crusts decends downward as well and where there are trenches the crust thins out. perhaps I am wrong and someone can correct me because I can’t recall my source for the information

  4. The ring of fire encompasses a third of the world and surrounds the worlds largest ocean…it also has the most islands. Aside from the fact that the islands are created by volcanoes, I think this is a stretch. And how do you explain people popping off the island and ending up in Tunisia?

  5. ekolocation: You’re totally right the real story’s more complex. Crust is thicker beneath mountains, thinner in oceans, thin at trenches, but not as thin as at mid-ocean ridges. As with any mystical sci-fi, at some point the science breaks down.

    My point is I hadn’t found a satifying explanation for what constrains the island’s movement. Why not the middle of a continent, or outer space? 🙂 Imagining the Ring of Fire as some kind of “track” or “rail” for The Island (or access to the island) is simple and pretty consistent with canon.

    Thanks for your comment!

  6. wingnut028: I agree the Ring of Fire is big, though I’m only talking about its outer edge, which is not that much area.

    Regarding the Tunisia exit, I like the “antipode” theory: dig through the center of the earth from Tunisia, and you come out right near Fiji (cool!)

    What I don’t know is, even if the island moves, why does the exit appear to always be the exact same place (as far as we know).

  7. Rick_Deckard, there are 12 vile vortices located in the world, two of which include the North and South Poles.

    We are given some indication via Lost as to ‘the island’s’ location by way of the testing of the H-bombs. In and around Bikini Atoll was the site of more than 20 nuclear weapons tests between 1946 and 1958.

    Considering, ‘Jughead’ was brought to ‘the island’ in 1954 by the US military, it is safe to assume ‘the island’s’ general locale, or at least where it was during this occurrence.

    Also, considering where Penny’s boat dropped off the ’06’, is another indication of ‘the island’s’ location at that time.

    Therefore, it would appear that ‘the island’ basically moves through time and space according to Lost. Its actual physicality does not seem to move dramatically out of range of this particular Vile Vortice.

    While the Antipode theory is an interesting subject, it may not be as significant overall to what may be easier explained. That is to say, that the exit point from ‘the island’, (Tunisia) is made accessible via another vile vortice, or something along these lines.

    Ms. Hawking’s map indicated this particular Vile Vortice as a means of determining how the ’06’ could make their return to ‘the island’.

    I like your thoughts on this.

  8. dabiatchishere, I totally agree, and have been pro-Vile Vortices since the start of Season 4.

    Vortex locations line up pretty well with references to: Madagascar, Sunda Trench, Fiji, Bikina Atoll, South Pole, Polar Bears, maybe even Florida and Oregon (places the submarine maybe has come and gone from).

    The main thing I couldn’t reconcile was the Lamp Post station. It has “special” magnetic properties but isn’t near a vortex. And submarines and deep ocean trenches seem to be a good match.

    In the end, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if you’re right & it’s the Vile Vortices theory. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  9. Hi Rick_Deckard, please call me dabs as everyone else does.

    I don’t think you need to focus on the location of the Lamppost Station. It may have been located there, specifically for observatory purposes. I think you could likely verify that by other means.

    The main thing is, that you’ve hit on what is important to ‘the island’s’ location.

    Great thinking!
    Can’t wait to read more of your theories!

    PS: Can I call you Blade?

  10. dabs, thanks for the kind words & encouragement. And nickname, Blade. 8)

    I sure hope the systematics of Island moving and the FDW get answered definitively for us, they’re definitely near the top of my list. But I also realize there’s a lot left to pack into 18 produced hours of TV!

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